DC Students Speak looks to organize District students for advocacy

In November, Mike Trummel (COL ’10) won a $3,000 Reimagine Georgetown Grant from The Corp, co-sponsored by GUAFSCU and The Hoya, to start DC Students Speak, a grassroots student advocacy group. “Because there is little interaction with other DC students, there is consequently little opportunity to organize and have DC students’ voices heard,” Trummel wrote in his original project proposal.

Now, DCSS has launched their website, which Trummel said is the first step to achieving their goal of better connecting D.C. college students to lobby for student interests, like addressing 61-D violations.

“Our vision of this website is that it can be used as a tool for students to better understand the challenges that students collectively face,” writes DCSS. “More than just raising awareness, DC Students Speaks also strives to be an advocacy organization, with the aim of mobilizing DC students to work together towards common goals.”

The site, which launched on Tuesday, aggregates content from student publications at five area schools, American, Catholic, Howard, George Washington, and Georgetown, and it is looking to expand to include Trinity and UDC. On their events page, you can join their listserv, become a student representative for your school, or look for information on how to get involved in their events, like their first annual conference of area students at Georgetown in September.

“If we work together, we can become a voice that students use to make sure their concerns are heard,” DCSS says. “It’s time to organize.”

3 Comments on “DC Students Speak looks to organize District students for advocacy

  1. This is a great website, finally someone is taking action to get DC students mobilized!

  2. Is he working with DCMUSA?

    There have been like ten attempts to do this that have failed in the past. If this is to succeed he should bring in lots of partnering orgs, etc.

  3. DCMUSA and DCSS have been contact, with DCMUSA even announcing the launch of DCSS’ website on their own website this week. The two will likely work together in some capacity.

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