Politico hangs out in Fritz Brogan’s new apartment for some reason

Any story about Fritz Brogan (COL ’07)—a big player among the exclusive, conservative, preppy crowd Late Night Shots, who is the quintessential Georgetown man, the Joe Hoya as the Voice once dubbed him—always makes for delightful reading. But even though it’s a treat for us whenever his name and latest adventures pop up on DCist or We Love DC, we were a little mystified when Brogan surfaced on Politico.

Was he hosting a big fundraiser with the future trophy wives of young District Republicans? Accepting a sweet new job with D.C.’s conservative brain trust? No. As it turns out, the big story here is that Fritz Brogan bought a new pad in the Watergate complex, and he’s renovating it, and he owns the same bars he’s owned for a while now … and that’s it.

But, lack of story be damned, Politico‘s Kiki Ryan serves up a 4:37 video, shown above, of hard-hitting friendly conversation anyway, grilling Brogan about whether he finds that owning bars and being a political animal is contradictory (it’s not), whether he likes living in D.C. (he does), and about the reasons for his attraction to the Watergate Complex (Brogan said he was drawn by the building’s storied history, including “the famous break-in in the 1960s that we all know about.” Whoops.)

But Ryan doesn’t let Brogan off that easily—not without giving him a chance to tell the story of how his parents met in The Tombs 40 years ago, and how he and his sister have dined in all of their parents’ old romantic haunts. And not without asking him whether that chandelier will survive the apartment renovation. Now that’s journalism.

10 Comments on “Politico hangs out in Fritz Brogan’s new apartment for some reason

  1. His ego continues explode in 3…2…1….

    Hey, how was that New Year’s party anyway?


    Also, what has this guy actually DONE that warrants ANY attention, much less this fluff crap?

    Went to Georgetown undergrad?
    Had some internships set up by daddy?
    Created a horrible organization based on douchey frat socializing?
    Went to Georgetown Law?
    Ran some bars purchased by daddy?
    Moved into a new apartment?

    Why should anyone care about this guy? I’ve done 3 out of 6 of those things, and I’d never have any interest in doing the other 3. Fritz Brogan is the Kim Kardashian of Georgetown, except it’s not just his ass that’s fat.

  3. He does seem like a huge douchebag. Why did Politico even interview him? A little pointless.

  4. Considering the reaction that this fluff piece got, it certainly raises questions about why the Voice did a cover story on him a few years back.

    I think their angle, that he represents a certain traditional element of what Georgetown is, makes sense and is a clever one, and would have fit well in a “Voices” piece. But even at the time I thought that making it the cover story was a bit excessive. The metaphor of “the man as Georgetown”, which by the way is inapt in many ways, was extended too far and, due to the length requirements of a feature, the piece devolved into an exploration of things like how he has a friendship with a feminist professor (that was about a quarter of the article) or how he set up parties at Lulu’s and started the shitshow that was the short-lived and disastrous Homecoming Formal. Really, if you’re going to spend 3-4 thousand words on a member of the campus population, there are lots more interesting than Fritz.

    It was a somewhat interesting piece from the small “man as Georgetown” angle, but making it a feature was probably one of the Voice’s worst editorial decisions in the last decade. Which is a shame, since normally it’s the cover stories and features that sets the Voice apart and gives it a purpose beyond the Hoya.

  5. So Joe Hoya is a massive cunt? What a fucking surprise.

  6. I’m at work and can’t watch the video but does he really say it was in the 1960s!?!?

  7. Hey everyone,

    I just took a crap, and later, I’ll probably eat chicken for dinner. Please turn these banal tidbits about my life into a feature story.


  8. “Fritz Brogan is the Kim Kardashian of Georgetown, except it’s not just his ass that’s fat.”

    @Tim: Bravo, sir.

  9. haha that kid sucks.

    great new years party!

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