Georgetown APO chapter wins $25,000 to mentor D.C. scout troops

In February, the Georgetown chapter of Alpha Phi Omega entered the Pepsi Refresh challenge to try to win a share of the $1.3 million Pepsi had pledged to give service projects around the country. Turns out that they won, an e-mail from a Pepsi promoter sent on Thursday said—$25,000 to mentor one girl scout troop and one boy scout troop in an underprivileged D.C. neighborhood.

“The project’s goal will be to strengthen the troops and the community around them by providing much needed assistance on several levels: leadership, recruitment and financial assistance,” the e-mail said. “Over the summer, the chapter intends to send approximately 25 boys to Scout camp. In addition, [APO] set aside $10,000 that will go towards college scholarships for Girl Scout Gold Award recipients and Eagle Scouts.”

Five thousand dollars will also go toward uniforms and handbooks, $8,000 toward trips, and $2,000 toward service project supplies.

APO is one of dozens of service projects that have received money from Pepsi so far this year. Projects from Teach For America, which won $250,000, and a program to purchase 25 iPod Touch units for a gradeschool science lab, which won $5,000, were awarded money based on open voting. In February, APO’s project got the second-most votes in the $25,000 category.

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