Student sexually assaulted in Copley Hall

A female student was sexually assaulted on Friday at 6 p.m. in Copley Hall by an unknown suspect who is still at large, the Department of Public Safety said in a Public Safety Alert. From the PSA:

“The complainant had left her room and was walking downstairs toward the basement. As the complainant was heading downstairs, an unknown male followed her and said to her “Hey girl.”

The suspect then grabbed her from behind, pushed her against the wall, put one hand over her mouth and the other up her shirt. The complainant pushed the suspect and ran out the back door toward the Davis Performing Arts Center. The suspect left in an unknown direction.”

The victim did not recognize the suspect, who is described as a “a white male in his early twenties, 6′ tall, medium build wearing a black tee shirt.”

The Metropolitan Police Department is handling the case.

11 Comments on “Student sexually assaulted in Copley Hall

  1. @wow: Umm, how do you know it’s not a student? Any student would have full access to Copley if it’s before 10p.

  2. I never assumed it wasn’t a student. I was merely noting the ineffectiveness of the new security measures.

  3. The new security measures were never intended to keep students out of Copley during regular hours. Are you suggesting that they should have been? The third paragraph of the link you posted said that they were enacted in order to create a “more effective method of preventing unauthorized access to the hall,” and a student entering at or before 6pm on a friday is certainly authorized access. Because saying they were ineffective as they are because they failed to prevent this assault is like saying the New Deal was ineffective because it failed to stop WWII.

  4. Plus, even if the person was not someone who should be there, it doesn’t mean he got in past the guard. He could have tailgated someone going out the basement door or the side door by Copley formal lounge. This incident can’t be used as an indication that the new system in Copley is effective or ineffective. There’s no way to link a cause and effect.

  5. Anyone wanna put security cameras in these mother-loving dorms before someone gets killed on campus?

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  7. @ Greg Monbro,

    Yeah, I guess you’re right. Murders do only happen in Bosnia. My bad.

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