Arrests in knifepoint robbery near Burleith; Pedestrian dies of injuries from Georgetown accident

Early Saturday morning, officers from the Metropolitan Police Department arrested two men suspected of robbing a woman at knifepoint on the 3900 block of W Street.

According to a crime summary from Lieutenant Antonio Charland, the victim of the robbery, a female, left a party at 40th Street around 1:30 a.m. and was approached from behind by two black males. One suspect took out a knife, held it to her throat, and told her to drop her belongings. The suspects then stole her purse, credit cards, $80, and BlackBerry, and fled the scene.

MPD officers arrived in minutes to canvas the scene and apprehended two suspects, and the Second District’s detective office helped them conduct a visual identification. The victim made a positive ID, and the suspects were arrested.

Damon Pearson, 59, the pedestrian struck in the car accident at Wisconsin Avenue and M Street on March 30, died as a result of his injuries on April 3. Pearson, who has no fixed address, was struck by a Volkswagen as he was crossing Wisconsin Avenue and transported to George Washington Hospital. He was treated at Washington Hospital Center until April 3.

The Metropolitan Police department report said that they are still investigating the crash.

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