Burleith against the 2010 Campus Plan, Part 2: The monetary campaign

In this month’s Burleith Bell, the Burleith Citizens’ Association issued a call to action against Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan. Vox commenters agreed that the editorial, written by a group of residents the BCA assembled to research and respond to the 2010 Plan, was far more respectful and constructive than any of the responses to the plan that have come from Georgetown residents.

But Burleith means business too. In the same issue of the Bell, BCA President Lenore Rubino announced “The Burleith Community Fund,” a fund that, like the Citizens Association of Georgetown’s “Save Our Neighborhood” fund, is soliciting donations from neighborhood residents to fight the 2010 Campus Plan.

“Contribute to the Burleith Community Fund to pay for experts to the extent we cannot find them among ourselves to counter the experts the University will certainly have on their side,” the flier for the fund reads. Suggested donations start at $50, and the flier says that donations may be tax deductible if the fund receives 501c3 status.

The flier also asks residents to share the names of people to who may be able to testify about the Campus Plan, and announces a date for a community meeting for more information about Burleith’s response.

The BCA joins the fight against the 2010 Campus Plan

7 Comments on “Burleith against the 2010 Campus Plan, Part 2: The monetary campaign

  1. Personally, I can’t think of any other possible way $1,000 could be spent in this city, which has a paltry 11.9% unemployment rate and a poverty rate of 19% (higher than any state save Mississippi).

  2. It’s funny how Georgetown financially supports this publication by taking out a half page advertisement.

  3. Georgetown University Hospital took out a half page ad, not Georgetown University. GUH is owned by MedStar Health, not Georgetown University.

  4. wow they are really tempting students by offering an “other” category. I could think of a lot of things people might want to “donate” to their neighbors

  5. Hunter Kaplan, you read my mind. I’m about to chow down on twenty pounds of Wingos and wait for the coming ****storm. Literally.

  6. GU hospital is leased by medtart big guy, not owned.

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