Georgetown introduces new athletic director, Lee Reed

As expected, Georgetown formally announced Lee Reed as its new Director of Athletics at a press conference this morning. Reed comes to the Hilltop from Cleveland State, where he held the same position, and replaces Bernard Muir, who left to take over the Delaware athletic department. Georgetown’s senior vice president for strategic development, Daniel Porterfield, held the position in the interim.

In eight years at Cleveland State, Reed developed the Viking program into a Horizon League power, with teams winning nine conference championships over the past two years. Cleveland State was awarded the James J. McCafferty Trophy in 2008 as the Horizon League’s all-sport champion.

“Lee’s successful tenure at Cleveland State provides many examples of his leadership and vision, including 11 Horizon League championships, and 15 NCAA championship trips,” President John DeGioia said.

Reed’s tenure at Cleveland State was his only experience running a university’s athletic program, but prior to joining the Vikings he worked in the athletic departments at Eastern Michigan and New Mexico. Prior to entering administration Reed also worked as a basketball coach at New Mexico from 1984-86, building off his experience as a four-year player at Cleveland State. He received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from New Mexico in 1992 and a master’s degree in sports administration in 1994 from the same school.

Reed, who was accompanied in Riggs Library by his wife, three children, and mother, spoke enthusiastically about his new position and vowed to devote himself to Georgetown’s student-athletes.

“I’m pretty simple when it gets to leadership,” Reed said. “I have a little saying that I use quite often and I think it defines what athletics is all about in many ways. Great athletic programs are coach driven, student-athlete centered, and administrator assisted. And that means a lot to me. What that says to me is that every single day at Georgetown University for our 750 student-athletes, we will make decisions, long-term decisions that are in their best interest.”

While Reed did not go into many specifics about his plan for the athletic department, he did respond to questions about two of Hoya sports’ most recurrent topics of discussion. Asked about an on-campus practice facility, which he called “critical,” Reed promised to work towards improving facilities for student-athletes and coaches. And Reed said he was excited to meet with Georgetown’s football staff, offering hope that the new athletic director, who worked with a Division I-A program at Eastern Michigan, may be able to revitalize the moribund program.

“The one thing that you have to understand about intercollegiate athletics is–I talk about this an awful lot–it’s more art than science,” Reed said. “Understanding what’s necessary, what’s needed to make a program successful is truly an art.”

The hiring of Reed represents the end of a long search, which began last May when Muir stepped down to take the Delaware job. Muir’s tenure lasted only four years, but if Reed has it his way it will be a long time before Georgetown needs to look for another athletic director.

“People have asked me for a long time–they talk about a dream job and where you’re headed,” Reed said. “Everybody’s looking for that next opportunity. I think my success has been because I’ve stayed in the moment. So I want to be here. If you look at my background I don’t move an awful lot. That’s why I’m able to come here and make decisions that I can live with from the long term.”

7 Comments on “Georgetown introduces new athletic director, Lee Reed

  1. Wait…he coached until 1986 and then got a BA in 1992? Sorry, I’m confused about the timeline, but it seems like his college degree came at a fairly odd time—after he had already coached?

    Eh, not a reason to write the guy off. Just curious about his academic background.

    Regardless, welcome aboard and good luck to him. Hopefully he can maximize our scarce resources and really get the most out of McDonough.

  2. I met Lee on several occassions during his tenure at Cleveland State University. He not only represented Viking nation in a class manner but; was able to guide the program to many prestigous awards. He assisted CSU with being able to compete with the likes of Butler and other well respected universities by hiring the appropriate pieces of the puzzle as time went on. Without question Lee will do well at Georgetown.

    Much success!

  3. I’d like to know if this gentleman has received JTIII’s seal of approval… anyone know?

  4. He wouldn’t have the job if JTIII didn’t approve. JTIII, not the AD, is the most powerful person in Georgetown’s athletic dept.

  5. @Tim I’m not really clear on the circumstances regarding the gap, but Reed played at Cleveland State from ’79 to ’83 and it looks like he never got his degree there. For what it’s worth, Reed had this to say: “Clearly from an academic standpoint we want to make sure our student-athletes continue to progress towards degrees and graduate from this wonderful place. And if we miss one that’s one too many.” Maybe he can bring personal experience to that area.

    @Meghan JTIII didn’t speak, but he was on hand for Reed’s introduction this morning. I think it’s safe to say he approves.

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