This Week’s Issue: Turn my camera on

This week, the Georgetown Voice showcased the winners of its annual student photo contest in its Feature. In the words of the great Chad Kroeger, and I’m paraphrasing a little bit here, look at these photographs.

Maybe Georgetown businesses don’t want to be known as prep-richie-rich-goody-goody shopping land anymore. News reports that with the help of a consulting firm, they’re rebranding themselves.

Following his star turn on Vox with the delightful “The Argyle in My Socks,” David Benedetto contributes a hilarious piece about his musical romancing to Voices.

You’d think that local record stores would love Record Store Day, which brings out customer in droves—but they hate it, Leisure reports.

The Voice Ed Board is in favor of the proposed Diversity Requirement for Georgetown students.

Sports takes a look at the men’s lacrosse season so far.

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