The winner of Vox‘s Blingee a Georgetown personality contest

Vox has chosen Sam Ungar’s creation as the winner of our “Blingee a Georgetown personality” reader contest. Using a photo of the statue of Jan Karski, Ungar produced a true work of art:

Ungar has won two tickets to the E Street Theater in downtown D.C. Check out the runners-up after the jump!

GUSA Speaker Adam Talbot commemorated student Jed Feinman’s star turn on Wheel of Fortune:

“It is a Blingee of Jed Feiman (COL’12) in his triumphal glory as our representative on Wheel of Fortune,” Talbot explained. “A member of Improv and the College Academic Council, equal parts disturbingly subversive and endearingly saccharine, Jed is the perfect muse, the epitome of everything the Blingee can represent as an art form.”

And Chris Dodge submitted an artist’s rendition of “Princess” Jack the Bulldog:

Finally, Ungar, who is GUSA’s parliamentarian, says he had so much fun making crazy Blingees that he decided to give GUSA’s logo a makeover, too. We didn’t consider this for the prize since it was his second entry, but we were so tickled by it that we wanted to share it with you anyway, so here it is:

Congratulations, Sam. You’ve just designed Vox‘s new GUSA graphic.

5 Comments on “The winner of Vox‘s Blingee a Georgetown personality contest

  1. The eagle with the “gangsta” necklace holding the Jack Daniels and the cigar is a particularly inspired touch.

  2. For the love of all that is good and holy, why so much Justin Bieber?!

  3. @Tim, Two reasons:
    1. His dulcet tones are the voice of a generation.
    2. He seems to represent like 20% of Blingee’s content.

  4. Somewhere, Ian Karski is smiling at that photo. All it’s missing is the Beebs.

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