With $330,000 raised so far, Relay For Life will probably beat last year’s take

If you’ve missed the enormous banners in Red Square, the countdown posters across campus, or haven’t figured out what all that purple glitter is doing in Red Square yet, tonight is Relay For Life. And with about $330,000 raised so far, the Georgetown chapter should just about match the amount it raised to fight cancer last year, $402k.

Relay probably won’t raise $500,000, nor meet the goal it set for itself of doubling last year’s take, but the amount of donations is almost 25 percent higher than last year and there are 400 more participants this year than in 2009. The American Cancer Society website RelayGU.org currently has 205 teams registered and 2,805 participants. And the Relay for Life fundraising chair, David Hammerman (MSB ’11) says that they only need to raise another $20,000 today, which he believes is “very doable,” to be even with last year’s event, which saw about $30,000 raised at the event and $20,000 after.

In light of the economic downturn, Relays at other colleges have seen a similar trend, of smaller donations from more people. Comparatively, however, Georgetown is doing extremely well and is second only to Virginia Tech, Hammerman said.

As for their “double your pleasure, double your fun” campaign to double last year’s net gain of $402,000, Hammerman explains that the campaign was more of a committee motivator. He says he’s not disappointed in Georgetown.

“Georgetown students, being so philanthropic throw their energy behind so many good causes [like Haiti and Chile relief],” he said. “While there may be less money to go around and be donated to Relay, the support from the student body has never been higher.”

Current Top 5 Teams online out of 205:

1. Freshman 15 – $19,261.00

2. Hoya Blue – $18,714.26

3. Trishing All Night Long – $11,020.12

4. Adelfi – $9,815.00

5. SMREG – $8,752.00

Current Top 5 Individuals online:

1. Rachel Carrig (Hoya Blue) – $10,345.00

2. David Hammerman (Trishing All Night Long) – $8,096.28

3. Suzanne Joyce (Freshman 15) – $6,815.00

4. Erin Booth (Adelfi) – $4,065.00

5. Erin Booth (Hoya Blue) – $3,850

4 Comments on “With $330,000 raised so far, Relay For Life will probably beat last year’s take

  1. Hahahhaha. Freedom Lover is the man. Great comment.

  2. Yeah, people doing hard work for a great cause. What the fuck is up with that?

    I hope you both get cancer and die.

  3. I hate it as well, not for reasons others do though. I have walked it for 11 years, but EVERY single time I register to have some of my family be part of the memorials, the ones I’ve lost to cancer, they NEVER read off their names or have the tea light for them. To me it’s disrespectful, since I’ve supported, walked, and donated the past 11 years. I will no longer support relay for life, I will switch to another charity.

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