Comments of the Week: To divest, or not to divest?

The Georgetown, Divest! campaign received a wide range of reactions. birdinhoyacourt said:

“Our endowment sucks people, we need more money. If you want to give yourself warm fuzzies by advocating your cause go right ahead but at least show some discretion when the “benefits” your demands have zero real world impact while the negatives could actually screw over the Diversity.

“You want to jump off Lockheed Martin and make it about about pacifism in the region that’s at least defensible but Caterpillar? Do they make special special settlement building bulldozers?”

Chris D wasn’t as taken aback by their campaign:

“I don’t see what is so radical about their message that it should be met with such scorn here. Probably just a bunch of state department drones in waiting who refuse to question that idea that Israel is somehow sacrosanct in our national defense.

But no, Georgetown will never do something like this, they’d be too concerned about being painted as anti-Semitic. This administration has clearly proved more interested in their bottom line than any coherent set of ethics.”

@@Chris D felt that divesting wasn’t that simple:

“Right, because Georgetown doesn’t actually invest our money through fund managers, who then invest in other funds and portfolios and financial instruments, which would be wildly complex to untangle (only to find out that we have, what, maybe a fraction of a percent of our endowment invested in these companies).

Why doesn’t Georgetown just uncheck that “Profit from Human Rights Abuses in Israel” box on the “Invest Your Money” form that the Office of Investment fills out each morning before they sit around and twiddle their thumbs, because it’s not like they have actual work to do?”

Life is Hard, Not Easy, took the Voice to task for its editorial against the goals of Georgetown, Divest!:

“When John F. Kennedy advocated going to the moon, he said “We choose to go to the moon and do these other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

When Allied Soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy to open a second front against the Nazis, it was anything but easy.

When divestment occurred from South Africa, it was also hard.

Your final exams here are hard, but you take them.

If we took the easy path and never stepped out of our comfort zones, there would be no Jews in Europe, we’d never have reached space, and we’d be at separate schools and eating from separate lunch counters.

If you want to back out of taking a moral stance, do it because of a real reason. Don’t dismiss it with a fraudulent reason.”

The diversity town hall didn’t elicit as many thoughtful responses on the blog. From Eye of the Beholder:

“Diversity is like pornography – you can’t define it, but you know it when you see it.”

But anomolous spoke up in response to the Voice editorial supporting the diversity requirement:

“i completely agree. people are complaining senselessly, but no matter what the complain it ultimately results in protecting privilege…”

Will Fritz Brogan be a new tenant of the Shops at Georgetown Park once they’re sold at auction?:

“Yo, just thought I should let you guys know know: My dad is gonna buy me an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel franchise in the Georgetown Park Mall. I think it’ll make a really great place for political fundraisers. Politics, law school, and owning a pretzel store totally go hand-in-hand, if you ask me. You didn’t ask me? Well anyway…that’s what I think about it. Also, as a history buff, I really appreciate how pretzels have been a staple in American diets since the 19th century, which we all remember occurred in the 1960s.

The apartment is coming along great. Tile is all picked out. We’re tied up a little bit with getting a permit to install a hot tub, but I’m confident we’ll get that worked out long before I run my pretzel store into the ground.

Steven was impressed that residents of Burleith opposed the 2010 Campus Plan so tactfully:

“…so it IS possible to be entirely civil and tactful while still getting your point across. Quite a nice letter, really, in contrast to the lovely “fuck off” ones from West Georgetown.”

And Jacob was thrilled by the prospect of an instutionalized GU-SPAN network:

“You mean I can observe GUSA being useless in real time!? This is a great victory for democracy inaction.”

5 Comments on “Comments of the Week: To divest, or not to divest?

  1. Actually, yes, “special settlement building bulldozers” is exactly what Caterpillar makes. Caterpillar builds custom bulldozers for the Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank.

  2. This is random but could you guys do a follow up on Alex Thiele (midnight madness toilet shooter)?

  3. Actually, Israeli Military Industries makes the caterpillar bulldozer suitable for armored usage by designing ballistic protection and refitting the equipment– not caterpillar.

    So I agree, we should boycott any company that has any of its products used unjustly.

    And just for that, Microsoft and other computer companies have been using sweat shops in China for years- where people are fined money for time spent away from their job bc of losing a finger in heavy machinery and make only about $175 USD a month. Im going to stop using computers since its time to divest.

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