Remix Your Weekend: Blue Scholars, Chiddy Bang, and Deskhop

The way I see it, there are two trends that have just about made their way into modern music: the mash-up phenomenon and the Indie-hop phenomenon. I’ve highlighted some the artists that have been at the forefront of these movements in the past, so I’m gonna repeat a couple of old artists today, but then add a couple others.

A plethora of bands have been hopping on the Indie-Hop band wagon. From rap legends De La Soul’s Matt & Kim remix to new kids on the block Chiddy Bang’s recent mix tape, everyone is realizing the market potential meshing these two genres together has. A new name to the list is the ever-fun Blue Scholars. They recently came out with a mix of Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream.” They’re not the first group to use this particular song for their rap, but that doesn’t take away from what they’ve done with Empire’s track.

Next, we have some new Chiddy Bang, this time using Hot Chip’s new “One Life Stand.” I’ve got to say the Chiddy crew came through pretty quickly with this one, as Hot Chip only just dropped the One Life Stand album a couple months ago. I also particularly like the shout-out to Virgin Atlantic’s free in-flight wireless. Oh cultural references…

Next in the mash-up arena, there’s a new name that’s worth talking about: Deskhop. This guy has been on the down-low for sometime, but he’s been opening for the likes of Passion Pit and Method Man. His unique style may not lend itself to parties full of freshmen girls, but if you wanna mix up the tunes at a pre-game his glitchy mash-ups could definitely help. If this whole mash-up culture keeps going in the direction its headed, Deskhop will certainly be a name to follow. You can check him out here on My-Space, and download his two EPs here.

Also have some new White Panda and The Hood Internet. The former came out with a SICK Outkast/Fat Boy Slim mash. It’s pretty hawt. The Hood Internet brought the same awesomeness they always do to a pretty sweet Slug & Murs (Felt)/Caribou mash. No more to say about them really, everyone knows how I feel about these Monsters of Mash.

Finally, if people liked Super Mash, they should get ready for a real big treat with The Hood Internet next Saturday, the 23rd. I’m going to try to get an interview with them to make up for the lack of a Super Mash interview. So get ready to shake that thang.

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