A new Georgetown Day tradition: Puke up Wingo’s for a cause

Joel Ziebel (COL ’10) wants to know: are you “Interested in chowing down on some Wingo’s buffalo wings, downing Red Bull, representing your student organization on Georgetown Day, competing against other Hoyas and faculty, and doing it all for a charity?!”

Yes, for $20, you and a teammate from a student club can compete in the first annual “Jack Wings,” a contest that, “at high-noon” on Georgetown Day, will pit your student group against another for fame and glory, turn you vegetarian, and all but guarantee that you’ll “Jack Wings” in the bushes immediately outside the Healy Gates in under an hour. (Guessing that’s what inspired the title).

The contest was conceived by Ziebel for a Reimagine Georgetown grant, which is sponsored by The Corp and is co-sponsored by The Hoya. He called it “Saxa Service Feast” and in November, won $2,000 for his idea.

And hey, all collected proceeds go to charity! So even though this sounds completely disgusting, our imaginations still ran wild with rivalries that could come to a head through this competition:

  • SAC versus GUSA. Duh.
  • College Dems versus College Republicans. Does Obama’s health care plan cover broken ribs from the Heimlich maneuver?
  • ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis versus ANC Commissioner Aaron Golds (COL ’11). The winner gets to pass the 2010 Campus Plan in any form he chooses.
  • Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson versus Provost Jim O’Donnell, for a special place in President John DeGioia’s heart.
  • Georgetown, Divest! versus the Office of Investment. If the University wins, they get to invest the endowment only in socially irresponsible ways.

To sign up, e-mail “Jack Wings Wingman” Joel Ziebel at JackWings2010@gmail.com. As for us, we’ll stick to our annual softball game against The Hoya, thank you very much.

This post originally stated that this contest was sponsored by Wingo’s, not Joel Ziebel and his Reimagine Georgetown grant.

9 Comments on “A new Georgetown Day tradition: Puke up Wingo’s for a cause

  1. Bill McCoy versus any student organization member

  2. UIS against my prohibited wireless internet router.

  3. Usually a 10 piece personal order of boneless wings from wingos will induce vomiting.

  4. Unforgiving Lau security guard versus unforgiving grab and go nazi.

    Business school students versus health care management students.

  5. The women you are refering to at Leos is named “Molewomen.”

  6. The College Republicans sure do look like they could eat more than the Dems…

  7. It is still hard for me to understand eating contests. How are we having them at events like Relay for Life? Yes, we are raising shitloads of money for cancer but what is the point of gorging ourselves on food when so many are starving? It seems like a classic American activity, see who can eat the most food and then vomit. How ridiculous.

    Would love to see Ron Lewis v. Aaron Golds in some sort of duel nonetheless.

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