Samples from the ‘Men of GERMS’ Calendar

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… Or should we say, sexy samples?

OK, bad joke.

In any event, that’s a slideshow of a few pages from the 2010 – 2011 ‘Men of GERMS’ Calendar, the gem of a date-keeper that the Georgetown Emergency Medical Response Service has already sold to dozens of tittering students.  The proceeds of each $10 calendar go to benefit Georgetown Relay For Life and so far, GERMS has sold a little more than half its stock, netting over $700 for Relay.

GU Relay will still gets the profits  for any calendars sold from now until GERMS runs out (Relay’s ongoing until the summer), so you can still buy one for a good cause. Then it’s up to you to figure out what kind of injury you can fake that will require a GERMS man to save you while shirtless. ‘Falling’ into the Yates swimming pool might work. Or maybe passing out during hot yoga.

11 Comments on “Samples from the ‘Men of GERMS’ Calendar

  1. The fourth caption isn’t even coy. It’s an inappropriate single entendre. NSFP (not safe for prospies)

  2. Someone get Colin Macdougal up here STAT.

  3. Duff Man is thrusting in the direction of the problem

    “Taking head” is a colloquialism for manual cervical-spine precautions. So yeah, stabilizing the head and neck would be enough of a straight-forward come-on without any need for a double-meaning. But it got one anyways.

  4. This calender objectifies men as sex symbols. As a maninist, I am truly abhorred that this is allowed to be sold in this day and age. I suggest we have a forum so we can air out our grievances in a one-sided debate, where everyone that disagrees with us is a considered a bigot.

  5. On the other hand, I would be ecstatic to be objectified by women.

  6. Someone please explain to me why I would want to purchase this calendar

  7. Also I feel like they could have made a bit more effort with the formatting, seriously.

  8. “Someone please explain to me why I would want to purchase this calendar”

    cuz GERMS is cool and the boys are H-O-T!

  9. Could someone write down the names of all the boys in the calendar?

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