Fire trucks return to campus for false alarm in VCE

Georgetown might want to seriously consider building a firehouse on-campus because the DC Fire Department paid yet another visit to the University today. At approximately 2:25 p.m., DC Fire and EMS responded to a smoke alarm on the second floor of Village C East.  After the DCFD showed up with approximately ten vehicles in tow, it was discovered that there was in fact no fire.

Sergeant Nate Blackmon of the DCFD stated that there was “no danger” to anyone in Village C.  He said that a call came in, allegedly reporting smoke in the Village C basement.

Dino Davis, a supervisor for Midwest Machinery Company, told Vox that he and his crew were working in the basement of Village C East at the time the DCFD arrived on-campus. “We were just working cutting a chiller, just normal demolition work,” Davis said.

Davis also claimed that DCFD had granted approval to the Midwest Machinery Company for the construction work.  He added that he and his crew did not see anything out of the usual during the construction work. Although Davis was not aware what had happened when the DCFD showed up, he suggested that someone upstairs must have called in a report of smoke.

All things considered, Vox commends whoever called in the smoke alert. After all, we’ve had more than our fair share of fires on-campus this year.

Photo by Geoffrey Bible

2 Comments on “Fire trucks return to campus for false alarm in VCE

  1. Man, DCFD sure has a lot of resources to spare if they can send 10 vehicles to a site before even confirming a fire!

  2. Seriously, Doug. Maybe they should shift some budget over to MPD.

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