Voice‘s On-Campus Choices: So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good-bye

Farewell Address from Former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski

President Kwasniewski is leaving Georgetown at the end of this semester, completing his time as a Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership.  On Thursday, April 29, he will be speaking in the Fisher Colloquim in the Hariri Building.  President Kwasniewski will talk about the future of Poland and the rest of East/Central Europe in light of tragedy of April 10.  A reception—free food!—will follow the speech.  The event requires an RSVP.

Are you smarter than people being paid to teach you?

The SFS Academic Council will be hosting a quiz show to help freshmen in Map of the Modern World prep for their final exam on Tuesday at 6 p.m. in ICC 104.  Student teams will be pitted against their professors and deans in a match that will either embarrass Georgetown’s finest minds or scare some freshmen into an all-night cram session.  Deans Bryan Kasper and Maura Gregory and economics professor Robert Cumby will compete, along with others.  Prizes will be gift certificates to the Tombs, Saxby’s, Bangkok Bistro, and more.  If you’re a student who thinks they are smarter than their professors (when it comes to Map), e-mail gusfsac@gmail.com to see if spots are still available on the team.  And if you’re not a freshman, don’t forget to check what has changed from the old Map regime before signing up.

Georgetown students like art too!

Eleven seniors with a concentration in the visual arts will be displaying their artwork off in an exhibit running from April 28 to May 21 in the Spagnuolo Gallery.  The exhibit will have officially kick off on Wednesday from 6 to 7 p.m., with a reception—more free food!—at the gallery.

Schall’s Ball

Toqueville Forum will be holding its Third Annual Reverend James V. Schall Award Ceremony on Thursday evening at 6 p.m. in the ICC Auditorium.  This year’s recipient is Dr. George Carey of the Government Department.  Professor Carey will also be giving a lecture on the “Constitutional Morality and the Crisis of Our Time.”  He joins professors Leon Kass and Ralph McInerny as prize recipients.  The event requires registration, so e-mail tocquevilleforum@georgetown.edu and let them know you’re coming.

Photo from Flickr user Institute for Human Sciences used under a Creative Commons license

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