University releases a Georgetown Day alcohol policy

Oh, Georgetown Day. It’s a time for sunshine, carnival rides, and of course, rampant drinking—until now.

“Georgetown Day Event Policies,” a list of rules outlining some no-no’s, was posted on the Georgetown Day website last night. (The document is available to download here.) And as much as it pains Vox‘s heart to say it, it seems that the University is finally clamping down on the alcoholic tendencies that make up the fiber and being of Georgetown Day for many students.

While most of the GU Day policies are re-treads of current Student Code of Conduct policies, such as “Unauthorized alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the event,” and “Any alcoholic beverages and/or coolers found in the public event space may be confiscated,” other event policies are completely new additions.

“We were thoughtful about the sanctions, considering the fact that the event is close to the end of the year,” Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Jeanne Lord said on Monday night.

Most notably under these policies, underage students caught drinking in any “Georgetown Day public event spaces” will face a tough choice: Pay a $50 fine, or spend two hours “volunteering” for Georgetown Day clean up. If a student chooses the latter, he’ll be expected to check in at the Volunteer Table promptly at 5 p.m.

Additionally, the event policies state, “DPS officers have the right to inspect personal belongings such as backpacks in the event area if they suspect individuals of bringing alcohol to the event.”

For a price, those over 21 won’t have it too badly. From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., a concession area will be open for all of-age persons to knock back a few beers—so long one doesn’t balk at the $10 admission. (The fee, which will help support Georgetown’s Haiti Relief and Recovery efforts, gets bumped to $15 without a GO Card.) So, what do you get for the price of admission?

“[Each] paid guest will receive a reusable cup,” according to the event policies.

Image by @KingGeorgetown, who might be a bit distraught when he reads this post.

23 Comments on “University releases a Georgetown Day alcohol policy

  1. Will we be paying for anything with the $10 (aka free food, DRINKS, etc)… or are we paying to have the right to be on the lawn?

  2. “In 2010, the Georgetown Day Committee has planned a concession area on Healy Lawn where beer will be served to those who are over 21.”

    I think we have some beer… can someone expand on this line from the policy? If its beer trucks like in homecoming, i think the admission price is worth it.

  3. Just to clarify, the concession area will have beer, water, and hot dogs available for those 21+. A variety of food will be served throughout the rest of the lawn for everyone. The ‘reusable cup’ will be just like at homecoming.

    Hope this explains it a little more,
    Geoffrey Bible
    Vox Populi Asst. Editor and member of the Georgetown Day Planning Committee

  4. Please, for the love of god, no more Blingee. The assault on my eyes is not ideal, and makes me want to stop reading the blog.

  5. So the event is supposed to bring everyone on campus together . . . cough . . . sorry, everyone over 21.

  6. First they water down Block Party by making it Georgetown Day and then they water down Georgetown Day by searching backpacks?

  7. I’m so sick of Georgetown attempting to ruin every attempt at fun that we have. Keg bans, SNAP, Ann Keoster, “Charity Beer Garden…” This is yet another reason I have not and will not ever give a dime back to this school.

  8. @sick of this – I hope that in the future you realize that Georgetown has provided you with one of the greatest educations in the world, great friends and opportunities to excel as a person (I hope). I couldn’t agree more that Georgetown and the listed events, organizations and individuals are completely antagonistic to the student body, but if you truly cared you would do something about it. I’m assuming you are also a senior, go talk with Todd Olson, tell him your opinions. Tell him how alienated we are by the university drinking policies.

    Some of the reason for making this year a particularly fascist Georgetown Day has to do with the fact that the University foolishly scheduled John Carrol weekend this week and as such we will have lots of alumns on campus. Secondly, just as we have been doing for many years we are bending over to the ANC to persuade them to pass our 10 year plan.

    I personally can’t stand to see what the administration has done with our student code of conduct and specifically our drinking policy. One more thing they did to make Georgetown even lamer is put RAs in all the on campus and off campus apartments. They have been pushing us farther and farther off campus and then extended their rights to punish us further and further.

    We all need to do something to stand up and voice our concerns with how the administration has handled the student code of conduct. I can only hope that GUSA does something in the coming years to address it and make some meaningful change.

  9. Look, we all love drinking, but ultimately, it’s not legal if you’re 21. I’m sure you’ll find a way around that.

  10. Is it really a good idea to have drunk people “volunteering” for cleanup? That sounds like it might make the cleanup process more difficult, not easier.

  11. I mean I’ll just make sure to have my nalgene and water bottle…I can’t see DPS sniffing those

  12. advice to people under 21: dont try your fake IDs, the university bought ID scanners to use at georgetown day and homecoming.

  13. A very good point–doesn’t this basically just mean that you can drink in public until you’re caught in exchange for doing a little cleaning? Seems like a pretty weak punishment (not that I think it should be more strict). Also, the implication is that a drunk person should be paid $25/hour for cleaning. You’d have to be really loaded (get it? double entendre!!) to choose the fine instead of the cleaning.

    Also, I second Joelle Van Dyne–time to retire blingees from Vox.

  14. Step 1- Buy 2 liter Ginger Ale bottle
    Step 2- Dump out ginger ale
    Step 3- Fill with beer
    Step 4- IT’S GEORGETOWN DAY!!!!!

  15. I can’t decide what is more ridiculous here, the complete entitlement attitude to underage drinking that so many seem to be taking (even insulting the university for taking reasonable steps to enforce the law), or the unashamed overuse of Blingee.

  16. $50 fine versus 2 hours of cleanup? I am reminded of the days of the Civil War draft – If you’re rich enough, you can pay someone to take your place.

  17. Hey, let’s be really strict about on campus drinking and then be really surprised when students go into off-campus residential neighborhoods to drink, and piss off grumpy old men in Burleith.

  18. Students who are underage feel entitled about underage drinking because they are in COLLEGE.

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