“Drunken Georgetown Students” shut down, rises again on Blogspot

Drunkengeorgetownstudents.com, the website every Georgetown student loves to hate, was taken offline these evening by server host Heller Information Services (HIS), only to reappear hours later at drunkengeorgetownstudents.blogspot.com.

“I was pressured by the server to take [the site] down,” Stephen R. Brown, the Burleith resident who runs the site, said in a telephone interview. “I was told that at 7 p.m. tonight they would shut it down and they did.”

In coverage earlier today, Vox reported that HIS requested in an e-mail that Brown “either remove the pix or blur the faces” because the photographs violated the server’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Before the original site went offline, Brown put out a call for residents’ photos of Georgetown students. “If you can get some pictures without confronting the offenders, please do so and we’ll being posting as soon as I find a more aggressive server who’s up for a 1st Amendment lawsuit,” Brown wrote.

Brown claims that Blogspot edition of his site “is totally legit.”

On the latest post, he doesn’t waste any time to beat his chest a bit, while making some bizarre claims about his life and the success of the site.

“I am one of the few people in the world who is ‘persona non grata’ in the State of Israel and proud of it!!! So if you don’t like this site, tell it to God (or in this case, [Google CEO] Eric Schmidt)” Brown wrote in his latest post. “I am getting requests for footage from ‘Inside Edition’ so …thanks…and welcome to ‘Drunken Georgetown Students’!”

“I apologize to students who are doing a great job at Georgetown University and doing something,” Brown said. “But those drunks in my alley—fuck ’em.”

After the jump, read Brown’s latest rants:

Brown’s last update on www.drunkengeorgetownstudents.com:

******If you can get some pictures without confronting the offenders, please do so and we’ll begin posting as soon as I find a more aggressive server who’s up for a 1st Amendment lawsuit. Be careful, drunken persons are frequently violent and unreasonable so “reasoning” with them isn’t a great plan. Keep your distance! Also, make sure you document every incident as we need documentation to prevent our neighborhood from becoming another bar zone.

Brown’s first post on drunkengeorgetownstudents.blogspot.com:

At 7PM tonight, my server was pressured by I guess Georgetown University and and some folks who don’t want their pictures on the web to take down the suddenly popoular site: “http://www.drunkengeorgetownstudents.com.” We’re cooking again here on blogspot.

Additional reporting by Cole Stangler.

70 Comments on ““Drunken Georgetown Students” shut down, rises again on Blogspot

  1. Ahem, Mr. Brown. There are actually a lot of people who are PNG in Israel. They’re called Palestinians.

    Also, the 1st Amendment in your bizzaro Constitution while not shield you from a false light claim by one of the people you are blanketly labeling as an alcoholic.

    If you get your footage on Inside Edition I’m sure you’ll impress all the people still watching TV in 1996.

    Please keep talking your nonsense Mr. Brown. I can’t wait for you to become the Lyndon LaRouche of the Georgetown neighborhoods.

  2. so glad he realized his titling mistake – though he should really aim for consistency within his post-xanga travesty he calls a website.

  3. This guy is legitimately insane. The part about Israel and Google is bizarre. I hope “Inside Edition” embarrasses him.

  4. you posted the wrong link. its drunken not drunk. Gosh! Be careful. This crazy old man will probably come for you with his pitchfork and torch.

  5. Brown lacks the writing skills of any Georgetown student (not in the MSB).

  6. This crank is nothing but good news for students and GU. Now even the most reasonable neighborhood arguments (and there are plenty that are reasonable) become part of the group that includes this raving lunatic. It’s like the moderate republican who gets sucked into the tea party vortex. Bummer…

  7. I am grateful that the student body is now engaged in this. My house has been dealing with this guy for almost a year. I have tried to have a conversation with Mr. Brown and he is belligerent – literally will not listen to me. Nice to have outside validation that this guy is nuts and unfair, and the situation sucks!

  8. Guys, maybe we’re being a little hard on him… after all, he does “hang out with a lot cooler people than you’ll ever know”. (right before the april 26th post).

    Although some of his rantings and ravings seem insane now, maybe, over the course of time, we will all grow together and come to understand his incomprehensible scribblings as overlooked nuggets of wisdom in a heartwarming coming-of-age tale.

    We’ll all laugh a little… cry a little… learn a little… and grow a little… and georgetown and the neighbors will walk off hand in hand into the sunset as the credits roll.

  9. His website reads like a Dr. Bronner’s soap bottle.

  10. On the bright side, he finally seems to realize that the University itself was not likely pressuring him to take down the site, and has edited the new site accordingly.

  11. That’s true.

    But also…why isn’t the university standing up for it’s students?

  12. Boy, he’s just getting crazier and crazier… starting to sound like the TimeCube guy.


    http://www.timecube.com/ (only click if you have a lot of time on your hands.)

  13. The easiest way to stop this nonsense is to go to the Blogspot website, click ‘Report Site’ and report it for defamation/libel. Google will not remove the site because of the flagging, but if it’s flagged enough, they will make it ‘unlisted’, meaning it doesn’t show up in search results.

    So if Brown wants to publish to his hearts content in the hopes that students pictured won’t get jobs, a Google search, at least, won’t reveal anything. And he’s just setting himself up for one false light/defamation claim after the other, so I hope the prick does continue.

  14. @Matt, I don’t think clicking flag simply for defamation/libel actually does anything, it just takes one to a site explaining one needs to get a court decision. Now granted, I think there are plenty of other parts of the Blogger terms of use it’s violating, but that link won’t do it.

    @@Doug: eh, I’m not too worried. I wouldn’t expect the university to get involved unless student efforts are insufficient, which so far they haven’t been.

  15. @Doug: I think if enough people do flag it, it indexes the blog as ‘unlisted’, meaning it’s still accessible, but it won’t show up in search results. It’s Google’s way to balance freedom of expression, absent court order.

  16. Wow, this guy needs to get a life. He’s crying wolf over a bunch of teenagers who are behaving more reasonably than he is. College students drink. The college has been there for hundreds of years. Don’t like it? Shouldn’t have moved there.

    Maybe this self-righteous hack should try being social like the students he’s persecuting. Also, by putting pictures of students online and calling them drunken, you are committing libel. Maybe before Mr. Brown starts whining about his First Amendment rights he could ask a drunken college student for a lesson in semantics.

  17. This is mainly intended for non-GU community members reading about the whole issue. I posted the below at the video on Fox 5.

    “The introduction to this video begins with “pictures of drunk college students”-this is an unsubstantiated claim being made by Mr. Brown that Fox 5 is perpetrating without any evidence beside photos that may or may not contain beer. Both parties don’t seem to realize that one’s presence at a party does not dictate his/her being intoxicated.

    Mr. Brown fails to recognize that it is possible for students to enjoy a weekend party at a reasonable hour without getting inebriated in the process. Furthermore, the manner in which he is approaching the situation seems petty and childish—he appears to have an unwarranted vendetta with the school and is trying to do as much damage as possible.

    Though he complains about raucous parties that are keeping him up at night, Mr. Brown’s photos seem to feature small groups of around ten students. If he really wants to see a big east coast party school he ought to trek up to UMD or Delaware. In fact, in 2007 Georgetown made its alcohol policy much more stringent, an act that may have inadvertently sent students into Burleith to party.

    I would like to know what legitimate steps Mr. Brown took to speak with President DeGioia or direct of student affairs Todd Olson before starting up his blog/website. Furthermore, does he believe that residents who are of age and paying rent should not be able to entertain on a weekend night past ten o’clock?

    In many situations, there is a high road, and a low (not high?) road. Regardless of student behavior, Mr. Brown indubitably chose to take the low road. Intentionally and deliberately trying to damage students and their reputations is malicious at the least. Whether or not students are misbehaving does not mean he, a man of 62 years and former college professor, should stoop to their level. Though some might applaud him for his initiative, I think Mr. Brown ought to think long and hard about how this whole episode reflects on him. Calm and reasonable are not two words I would use to describe him. I hope that this situation sorts itself out, that the University actually steps up for its students, and Mr. Brown figures out that he is making a fool of himself in the process.”

  18. Shout out to my boy Jim Vance. Keep it real man, loved ya in Without Bias.

  19. It appears the story ran on both the NBC and FOX local affiliates this evening. Interesting to watch how the story goes from student media all the way up without you all ever receiving any of the credit.

  20. Would somebody blingee this guy already?

  21. I’M WORKIN ON IT, ALRIGHT? calm down.

  22. Can we stop talking about this guy? I don’t know if it was a direct result of Vox yesterday (I would love to assume so!), but this business with him being written up in the WP and Huffington post is ridiculous. We’re just inflating an already huge ego. We all know the bizarre claims he makes are BS, and that the vast majority of Georgetown students are generally enjoyable people. (As I write this at 1:46 am, there is a horde of drunken male revelers outside of my off-campus home on Prospect, and yes, I want to kill them. I have a thesis due tomorrow, bitches.) But seriously- the more attention we give him (and I know Blogspot has a way of tracking visitors), the more outrageous he’ll become.

    The man doesn’t know how to write properly. Can we pity the idiot and walk away?

  23. Not that it probably matters, but I just e-mailed Todd Olson asking the same thing. Georgetown’s reputation is being mocked on national news networks… I’m not okay with that. Even if the guy is legitimately crazy, and it’s blatantly obvious to anyone who visits the site, we don’t need any more excuses for people to label us as “elitist alcoholics”… and in reading some of the comments in the HuffPo mention of him today, it seems like a lot of people like to throw that around.

  24. It’s crazy how NBC and Fox didn’t mention how vicious Brown is in his attacks on students. They make him out to be a guy who just wants to get some sleep, when he’s obviously after more than that, between calling us alcoholics and threatening that his site will keep people from security clearances.

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  26. Bookmarked, bro. Looking forward to where you go with it.

  27. Students need to make sure their side of the story gets told. The NBC piece at least interviewed 2 students. The Fox piece was just a mouth piece for his agenda. This is getting out of hand. Students do not provoke him unnecessarily. Do not vandalize deface his house, do not be extra loud to punish him. Continue to be reasonable and have parties.

  28. That would appear to be the world of journalism that you are on the verge of entering.

  29. Rather than complain on a message board, why don’t we follow the theme of Georgetown 09-10 and stage a protest by chaining ourselves somewhere? That always seems to work.

    Or people can just follow through on these cease+desist/lawsuits everyone is talking about so we can just end this charade… obviously this guy is breaking some sort of law. If this were a off-campus party, SNAPS would have already arrived by now.

  30. “Even my cat was threatened today by someone calling himself ‘Jack Hoya.’ ”

    HAHA, i never would of guessed he owned a cat…

  31. I say, good for you Mr. Brown!

    I’m no teetotaler, but perhaps these spoiled children whose parents shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for their education should start focusing on their books instead of wasting their time defending public drunkenness like a bunch of pre-law snots!

    “If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.”
    -Abraham Lincoln

  32. Was that quote directed at Georgtown/Burleith residents?

  33. @ Georgetown Resident,

    Funny, when I was an undergrad, I wasted my time defending public drunkennes like a pre-law snot. Now, I’m graduating law school (GU) and am doing pretty damn well for myself. How are your own worthless kids (assuming you could actually find someone joyless enough to reproduce with you)?

    Like it or not, your student neighbors who like to drink are also going to do damn well for themselves in the future, too. You would be wise not to so cavalierly lose their respect and esteem.

  34. Or, here’s another idea – quit painting 7,000 students with a broad brush as “spoiled children” (I’ve worked all four years here), and move out of Georgetown. Find yourself a quiet house in Foxhall, or Friendship Heights, or someplace not near an established university.

  35. Dear Georgetown Resident,

    Fuck you.


  36. Being studious and going to parties are not mutually exclusive. When I was there, I somehow managed to get good grades, work 3 days a week, study, still hit parties nearly every weekend, graduate with honors and have a full time job locked down before I even started my senior year. I thank God that even though I graduated many, many years ago, I have not yet turned into a humorless killjoy that picks on college students for having some fun.

  37. I can’t believe college students drink. Thats an outrage. I guess since this guy has been living in burlieth since before 1789 he has legitimate argument.

  38. That’s our boy, Stephen Brown!

  39. @Tim. Graduating Law School? Congratulations!! You and thousands of others managed to drink your way through another few years of pay to play education. You ARE doing pretty well for yourself scamming your parents! Now you’ll be able to afford all that good coke at Smith Point! Grow up and just keep the noise down, BRO.

    @@gtown resident: I’m not painting the whole student body as spoiled douchebags, just the children taking the time to get hot and bothered about their “right” to disturb the peace! I’m sure there are plenty of hardworking kids toiling at double shifts at the local pizzeria to scrape together enough money for tuition and a group house in the most expensive neighborhood in DC.

    Keep it coming this is fun!!!

  40. The Masons? Why don;t you just pick on the Knights of Columbus or the girl scouts? You are dumb.

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