Report on University’s use of student space released today

The Student Space Working Group (SSWG), which was once dubbed the only working group “with a snowball’s chance in hell of doing something constructive,” by Voice editor-in-chief Juliana Brint, released its report today on student space in Georgetown. The report’s title? Report on Student Space at Georgetown University.

So, it might not be the snazziest title. But once we read SSWG’s recommendations to expand on-campus student space, Vox didn’t seem to mind.

SSWG, which was founded in the fall of 2008, “extensively researched the space issue from an undergraduate level though surveys, interviews, and discussions,” according to the report.

Using the collected data and opinions, including the survey results that Vox broke down last September, the SSWG suggested that the University form a permanent working group to ensure that any and all student space recommendations are enacted.

“We look forward to using the Report on Student Space to ensure that student wishes are given priority when decisions are made at the highest levels of the University. Students are the reason for Georgetown’s existence, and their needs should merit a commensurate level of attention,” SSWG Communications Director Fitz Lufkin (COL ’11) said in a press release.

Concluding that “students are dissatisfied with student space overall and across a broad range of activity categories [and] Georgetown’s campus lacks a center of student life and this has adverse affects on the development of the community,” the SSWG recommended some big changes for the University:

  • New South: “The New South Student Center is the best solution to address a range of student activities problems because it will provide a center for student life. The facility will feature club offices, a student ballroom, media offices and studios, dance studios, a café or restaurant, and lounges.”
  • Lauinger Library: “First, a short-term renovation [that] includes but is not limited to an evaluation of furniture placement and purchasing, and further access to the internet and computer use through power strips and outlets. In the longterm, a more modern, efficient, and student friendly library must be built.”
  • Leavey Center: “The Leavey Center should be reorganized to accommodate the increased activity resulting from Hariri and the science center … Key goals include creating a larger informal lounge for students, more meeting and event rooms, more space for student organizations, and more direct, open access to the Esplanade.”

After the jump, check out some more of the SSWG’s recommendations about on-campus student space.

  • Leavey Center, 4th Floor: “In order to promote the most efficient use of space for student clubs at Georgetown, a minimum of two of the three rooms currently allocated for general club use should be converted back into active use rooms. Three clubs will occupy each room for a total of nine club offices.”
  • Leo J. O’Donovan Hall: “If students were able to use their meal plans at a wider variety of locations, including nearby restaurants, students will be much happier with purchasing a meal plan and space constraints in Leo’s would become much more manageable.”
  • Yates Field House: “New features could include a climbing wall and bouldering area, more dance and aerobic rooms, a larger cardio and workout area, and improved lounge spaces.”
  • ICC Galleria: “A solution to solve the loss of Sellinger Lounge when the new science building is completed is to upgrade ICC Galleria into a study lounge … However, lack of lighting and sufficient functional furniture in the Galleria prevents the utilization of this great space to its full capacity.”
  • A centralized reservation system: “Georgetown needs a reservation system under a centralized authority that will efficiently facilitate programming for the campus community.”
  • Places of worship: “The primary solution to solving worship space limitations is a renovation of the first floor of old Jesuit residence … Prayer rooms in the dormitories would provide a contemplative space for students to deepen their prayer lives in their residences … The Jewish community needs a permanent space with a kosher kitchen.”

5 Comments on “Report on University’s use of student space released today

  1. This report is so, so needed! Great to see it finally came out. Now I hope these suggestions get enacted asap.

  2. What’s this about Sellinger being taken away with the construction of the new science building?

  3. @Sellinger

    From how I understand it, the new science building will have an entrance that connects directly to Sellinger wall, making the lounge the crossroads between the main part of Leavey, traffic coming from the BSB, hotel/hospital traffic, and the new science center. Essentially, Sellinger Lounge will no longer be a functional lounge.

    SSWG Chair

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