SweetGreen’s business in Georgetown to potentially get Chop’t

The Georgetown neighborhood may soon become a battlefield in the war of designer salads.  The Georgetown Dish recently reported that the Chop’t Creative Salad Company might be moving in to a location in the Georgetown neighborhood.

“We have been looking at some sites in the Georgetown neighborhood,” Chop’t co-owner Colin McCabe wrote in an e-mail to Vox. “It would be premature to say that we are closing in anything specific.”

Whether or not Chop’t moves in to Georgetown may depend upon current Georgetown salad king SweetGreen.  Chop’t and SweetGreen do offer slightly different menu options—Chop’t, as the name implies, chops their salads to order, while SweetGreen offers freshly tossed salads—but the two businesses would likely compete for customers.

McCabe doesn’t seem too worried though, writing, “Other concepts do not factor in our decision making.”

So will the overpriced Salad War be fought in Georgetown?  Only time will tell. But if Chop’t plans to challenge SweetGreen’s dominance, Vox encourages the company to enter the frozen-yogurt-on-a-truck business too. The world can never have enough vehicular-provided frozen treats.

SweetGreen did not respond to Vox’s requests for comment.

Photo by Flickr user iwantamonkey used under a Creative Commons license.

8 Comments on “SweetGreen’s business in Georgetown to potentially get Chop’t

  1. I’ve walked across the bridge on a rainy day to get Chop’t over Sweetgreen. I do, of course, stop by the enemy’s establishment for Sweetflow on the way back.

  2. Chop’t would easily gain my company if they had frozen yogurt that wasn’t bitter crap. I know i’m in the minority, but I hate the Sweetgreen Frozen yogurt. It tastes terrible. Why would I want something that only tastes good when covered in something else. Forzen yogurt should taste sweet.

  3. @P Are you kidding me? Frozen yogurt should taste like yogurt, which is tart. If you want your frozen yogurt to taste sweet, get some fucking ice cream. Shit.

  4. Sheesh, I’m entitled to my opinion. Frozen yogurt that I’ve had everywhere else is sweet. Frozen yogurt to me should be like ice cream, but healthier. I understand that original frozen yogurt is what sweet green and other places like pinkberry serve.

    here’s an excerpt from a website on how frozen yogurt is made:
    “Dessert makers had long experimented with a variety of ice cream flavors and styles. In the 1970s, frozen yogurt’s entry into the dessert market was a distinct failure—consumers complained that it tasted too much like yogurt. Despite the initial reaction, manufacturers reformulated and refined their frozen yogurt recipes, and the increasingly health-conscious populace of the 1980s finally took to the low-calorie dessert with a vengeance.”

    Read more: How frozen yogurt is made – making, history, used, processing, composition, product, industry, Raw Materials, The Manufacturing Process of frozen yogurt, Quality Control, The Future http://www.madehow.com/Volume-2/Frozen-Yogurt.html#ixzz0mUs5b6vi

    so i’m not alone in my dislike of the tart tasting frozen yogurt. I’ll stick to my sweet frozen yogurt.

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