Playgirl on the prowl for Georgetown men

On a nationwide search for its “Campus Hunks” issue, Playgirl is headed to the Hilltop.

Playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio will be scouring Georgetown’s campus this weekend—with the “Shaggin’ Wagon” in tow—looking for some guys who don’t mind stripping down and getting photographed by strangers.

Random men photographing Georgetown students? Yeah, we’ve heard that one before.

“We’re more than ready to take our super sexy Playgirl van around to campuses looking for the next centerfold.” Nardicio wrote in a press release to D.C. media.

Any student brazen enough to follow in the footsteps of Levi Johnston, Make Me a Supermodel‘s Ronnie Kroell, and former basketball player Demarco Majors will be flown down to Miami in June for the photo shoot. And—lucky them!—the “Campus Hunks” issue will be published right after classes start up next fall.

Vox‘s only question—what will the Jesuits do when they see the “Shaggin’ Wagon?”

After the jump, read Playgirl’s full press release—including photo submission details.

PLAYGIRL To Conduct Nationwide Search for For Annual “Campus Hunks Issue”.

New York, New York. April 26th, 2010., the internet’s leading source for hot nude celebrity hunks, has announced it a search for hot college guys in for its annual Campus Hunks Issue. Director of Marketing Daniel Nardicio will be conducting tours of both East and West Coast colleges this spring. The photos from the June shoot will be in the September Issue of the magazine.

The increasingly popular magazine has experienced a renaissance after the phenomenal success of the sell-out Levi Johnston issue. Playgirl recently signed high-profile shoots with “Make Me a Supermodel” star Ronnie Kroell. Kroell and professional basketball player (and Logo “Shirts and Skin’s star) Demarco Majors. The fashion-inspired Majors shoot debuts June 15th and will most definitely be a hit with the magazine’s gay readers.

Nardicio is excited to begin his tour. “Our Campus Hunks issue is always popular with readers. With the success of the Levi, we’re more than ready to take our super sexy Playgirl van around to campuses looking for the next centerfold.”

Nardicio and Co. will be conducting searches at Rutgers, Georgetown and Princeton this weekend. With Midwest stops in Ohio State University plus Tulane University in New Orleans just to name a few. All models will be flown to Miami for a group shot in June.

Nardicio encourages college aged applicants to send their pics to and put “Campus Hunk” in the subject line.

10 Comments on “Playgirl on the prowl for Georgetown men

  1. did we really have to see that picture? I mean, I don’t care thaaatt much, but I wasn’t exactly hoping to see a bunch of dudes’ asses on here…

  2. @…says: How would you have felt if it was women?

  3. well as a heterosexual man, I’d be okay with it personally, but I would certainly expect plenty of people to feel how I do about this picture. so, I wouldn’t advocate posting that picture either. also, I’m sure there would be plenty of feminists out here complaining about the denigration of women.

  4. I just think they should be wearing flip flops or something. They could step on a sharp rock or slip!

  5. I think it’s heinous that a company that promotes pornography is coming to Georgetown. We go to a highly-esteemed Catholic and Jesuit institution, and to have the pathetic and vulgar “Shaggin’ Wagon” even come near to our campus is an atrocity. If I wanted people like this near my college, I would have attended a public school.

  6. “campus hunks” at georgetown?? LOL

    good luck!

  7. @ … : I’m totally down for a forum on this important issue of male objectification if you are.

    @ Really?! : You should talk to the neighbors about this. They collectively own the streets surrounding campus and are capable of preventing vehicles from traveling on these roads.

  8. @Idea Man: I think you’re on to something.

    I think there’s a reasonable compromise to made here. Let’s just have the Playgirl van drive to the National Cathedral, circle back to the Pentagon, and use the Canal Road entrance. Then we can at least be assured it won’t rattle any wood frame houses.

  9. Is it true that Aaron Golds along with all the male Voice staffers posed nekkid for the Playgirl fotogs? Good golly, I’d pay to see those pictures, especially Will Sommer and that hunky (well, kinda) Cole Stangler.

  10. keep it up guys youre just making people happy.

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