Comments of the Week: The time we were all photographed drunk

“@Gtown Resident” made a plea for common sense in this midst of that “Drunken Georgetown Students” mess:

Being studious and going to parties are not mutually exclusive. When I was there, I somehow managed to get good grades, work 3 days a week, study, still hit parties nearly every weekend, graduate with honors and have a full time job locked down before I even started my senior year. I thank God that even though I graduated many, many years ago, I have not yet turned into a humorless killjoy that picks on college students for having some fun.

While “@photoshop contest?” had other things in mind:

Would somebody blingee this guy already?

And “J” was inspired by the whole ordeal to create Hollywood’s next great romantic-comedy:

Guys, maybe we’re being a little hard on him… after all, he does “hang out with a lot cooler people than you’ll ever know”. (right before the april 26th post).

Although some of his rantings and ravings seem insane now, maybe, over the course of time, we will all grow together and come to understand his incomprehensible scribblings as overlooked nuggets of wisdom in a heartwarming coming-of-age tale.

We’ll all laugh a little… cry a little… learn a little… and grow a little… and georgetown and the neighbors will walk off hand in hand into the sunset as the credits roll.

“Ivan” wanted to end the “Which school is which Hogwarts house?” debate, once and for all:

SFS IS RAVENCLAW. COLLEGE IS GRYFFINDOR. This has long been a thing.

“Fitz Brogan” popped in to say goodbye to former editor Molly Redden:

Hey Molly,
Nice work here with the blog, really. I do wish you would have written at least a few additional posts about my apartment, though. The hot tub permit is still in limbo, but I did pick up a sick milkshake machine on Craigslist. Some people might say that making delicious milkshakes doesn’t fit with going to law school and being involved in politics, but I think they really go hand-in-hand. As a history buff, I once heard that President Jimmy Carter drank a milkshake a day during his term, which we all remember from the late 1980s.

“Juggalo Todd Olson” reminded Vox that he should probably watch the “Miracles” video a few more times:

This guy is a major juggahoe. Once on my way home, he got on the Leavey elevator on the fourth floor and I swore I could hear Slipknot in his headphones. I miss Molly already, we need more jugalletes up in this b-word. Well, I’m going to spill some orange Faygo on my office carpet for you Molly. As for you Chris, you better get down with the clown and quick. I don’t want to see any of your scientist bullspit.


“Joey” was upset about the media’s coverage of the fire in Harbin:

More discrimination against Italian-Americans in the media! Would they have showed burned bagels? No! Torched tortillas? No! Once again, Italian-Americans are made out to be fools and doofuses…

“SFS’er 2010″ had a suggestion for newly appointed SFS Dean Carol Lancaster:

Please fix Map now, please.

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