Site news: Oh right, we have finals soon

Don’t worry gang—we’re not going anywhere. But it’s time to for Vox to wind the blog down a bit, hit the books, and salvage our tattered academic reputations. Okay, try to salvage them.

For the remainder of the semester, we’re scaling back the number of posts you’ll see in our little nook of the internet. We apologize to any readers who planned to use Vox as a distraction from their school work—ahem, Chad Kroeger—but we’ll do our best to keep things interesting around here.

It’s been fun so far. Here’s to finishing the semester strongly.

2 Comments on “Site news: Oh right, we have finals soon

  1. Guest op/ed series from regular Vox commenters?

    I’d write one. Perhaps typical, …, Tim, King Georgetown, or one of many others would like to write one. And I’m sure that Not Greg Monroe wants one last chance to impress Molly with his very own Vox post.

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