Site news: Yes, we’ll keep posting this summer

Done with finals yet?

If not, Vox wishes you the best of luck while you toil away in the lonely, lonely cavern that Lau will be over the next 24 hours. But, if you are finished, why the hell are you reading this? Get outside! Go celebrate! (And after you’ve got it out of your system, come on back. Otherwise, we’ll get lonely.)

So, obviously there’s only one thing on all of your minds: “What are Vox‘s plans the summer?”

Well, don’t fret. While splitting time between D.C. and the great state of New Jersey, we’ll post throughout the summer, updating you on all things Georgetown-related.

So in other words, we’ll let you know when the next fire breaks out, when strangers photograph drunken students, and when Jim O’Donnell sends out any more e-mails. (And of course, it will all be Blingee’d.)

We’ve got some big plans for new features next fall, which we’ll begin to roll out once we get closer to the beginning of the semester. In the meantime, expect some Top Chef: DC talk, some concert reviews, and plenty more Missed Connections.

It’s been fun. See you next August.

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