Phony Harvard student claimed to study at Georgetown

Adam Wheeler, the man who was indicted on Monday with 20 counts of larceny and identity fraud for lying his way into Harvard University, also claimed to attend Georgetown University, according to a résumé leaked by the New Repulbic.

Among the many accomplishments lauded in the résumé, Wheeler included a “Independent Graduate Study” at Georgetown during the Summer of 2008, presumably (and fictitiously) awarded though a “Georgetown Summer Research Grant.”

(Not to mention fluency in French, Old English, Classical Armenian, and Old Persian.)

However, Wheeler’s other academic claims dwarf his Georgetown lie—they include a perfect SAT score, a short stint at MIT where “[he] was, to put it poorly, suckled upon the teat of disdain,” forged recommendation letters, and a false undergraduate transcript, according to the Harvard Crimson.

After the jump, we’ve attached a copy of the résumé that was originally published by TNR.

Adam Wheeler résumé

12 Comments on “Phony Harvard student claimed to study at Georgetown

  1. As dozens of bros have proved , you don’t actually have to attend classes to get a genuine Georgetown degree.

  2. he considered gtown worthy of a place on the most bizarrely outrageous fake resume ever. hoya f-n saxa.

  3. In other news, Charlie Cooper rejoices.

  4. i totalee agri wiht u joolie. This guy is clearly not Georgetown quality.

  5. @Julie: I think he actually looks kinda cute, and he’s a total bad boy which is even hotter.

  6. I speak 6 languages, so like one more language than he does, sooo…..

  7. There is no way someone could have all of this on their resume. The guy is stupid as well as a fraud.

  8. It’s like a bad modern update of “Catch Me if You Can,” but lamer

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  10. This looks like the CV of a professional academic who’s had a PhD for at least three years…the idea that ANYONE would buy it as a brand-new grad’s resume is completely laughable.

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