You can Barnes Dance if you want to … at M St. & Wisconsin Ave.

Break out your hoop skirts and bow ties, ladies and gents! The latest trend in pedestrian movement may soon be at your local intersection!

Okay, so the Barnes Dance isn’t actually a dance. Also known as the ‘pedestrian scramble,’ it’s a traffic light system where, at a certain point in the pattern, all traffic comes to a halt. This allows pedestrians to cross wherever they want, in any direction. Think of Hachiko Square, the famous intersection in Tokyo.

While it’s not certain that this innovation will come to Georgetown’s busiest intersection, some plans have been set in motion. The District Department of Transportation recommended the Barnes Dance at the corner of M and Wisconsin.

According to the Georgetown Metropolitan, ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis wants to focus first on allowing east-bound traffic to turn left onto Wisconsin, but he did not rule out the Barnes Dance. The Dance is already on its way to Chinatown, at the corner of 7th and H. Its success or failure may determine if Georgetown gets to dance as well.

2 Comments on “You can Barnes Dance if you want to … at M St. & Wisconsin Ave.

  1. I already work and Chinatown and it’s been here for a while now. It’s a nice touch. But I enjoy the thrill of dodging traffic.

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