WMATA increases fares for Metro bus and rail services

Last Thursday, Metro’s board of directors approved an $109 million array of fare increases that will impact all forms of public transportation in DC.

The fare hike, which is the largest in Metro’s history, cannot go into effect until August at the earliest, according to the Washington Post.

During peak riding times, Metrorail’s boarding fare will rise to $2.20, while the cost for SmarTrip users will become $1.95. Off-peak boarding fares will increase to $1.85 for paper cards and $1.60 for SmarTrip. And sadly, riding Metrorail after midnight will soon come with peak fare charges.

The price hikes even reach to Metrobus fares—$1.70 for cash, $1.50 for SmarTrip.

In other words, the time is nigh to get yourself a SmarTrip card. Still don’t have one? The nearest CVS stores on Wisconsin Ave. and M St. both sell the plastic cards.

Enjoy those cheap Metro fares while we still have them, because next semester it’s going to be a bit pricier to leave Georgetown. (Which is something students do all the time, right?)

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5 Comments on “WMATA increases fares for Metro bus and rail services

  1. I don’t blame WMATA for this – they’re doing what they have to do. But the move will nevertheless fuel the death cycle of public transportation in DC. If Metro were adequately funded, it wouldn’t have to raise rates so drastically. But as it is, WMATA is forced to charge more money for worse service, forgo important upgrades to their system, and operate with the continued safety risks which have resulted in a spate of recent accidents (which in turn causes a perverse cycle increasingly-stringent safety regulations and decreasing means of meeting them).

    The bottom line is: DC needs Metro, and Metro needs better funding. There is no powerful lobby for this. And there’s incredible opposition from the anti-mass transit highway lobbies – automakers, steel and asphalt companies, road painters, truckers, and more. These groups will doubtlessly recommend addressing DC/Maryland/NoVa’s transportation problems by expanding highways in a chimerical effort to reduce congestion (which will persist no matter how many lanes we build). And the people who ride Metro – less politically influential than their wealthier, car-driving fellow-citizens in the suburbs – will continue to get be poorly served by a system which, due to a confluence of disastrous political factors, will remain overextended and underfunded.

    And guess what? It’s only going to get worse.

  2. @Wrong Again


    As I wrote in the post, the new peak boarding charge for paper fare cards will be $2.20. (You can download the PDF file that outlines the fare changes at http://bit.ly/9UBY4U.)

    The “peak-of-the-peak” fare charge is different—it’s a 20 cent increase that will only be added between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m during peak riding days.

    The only proposed increase to $2.15 is for Tier 1 travel (7 to 10 miles) during off-peak times for SmarTrip fare cards.

  3. Honestly, it’s pathetic that you can’t fully comprehend a simple paragraph written in a blog you criticized with a Georgetown education.

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