School of Continuing Studies partners with National Press Club

Fresh off of having one of America’s most renowned political journalists provide the commencement address for its 2010 graduating class, Georgetown’s School of Continuing Studies is making some more ties with the press.

Last week, the SCS signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Press Club.  Under the agreement, Press Club members will be able to enroll in SCS classes.

“There is a perfect fit here between our missions,” SCS Dean Robert Manuel said at the ceremony.  “We seek to be the connecting tissue that helps attach life-long learners like Press Club members to the business, non-profit or academic communities they may seek to join through training, study and networking.”

Press Club President Alan Bjerga told those present, “We are delighted to have this agreement with a prestigious university like Georgetown.  Our members are looking to upgrade their professional skills and in some cases move to new careers and fields.”

Those who take advantage of this offer will receive a $500 scholarship for the enrollment fees.

The move makes sense for both the SCS and the Press Club; Georgetown has been using the club’s downtown facility to teach night classes, and many club members either teach classes at Georgetown or have already enrolled as students.

The National Press Club was founded in 1908 and currently has 3500 members from nearly every journalistic organization.

Photo by Sam Hurd for the National Press Club.

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