Mold caused by steam leak forces GU Hospital to close Kober Cogan building

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Georgetown University Hospital has a bit of a mold problem on its hands.

A steam leak discovered in late May “create[d] the potential for mold developing,” according to the Hospital’s Media Relations Director Marianne Worley.

After fixing the leak, MedStar Health, which owns the Hospital, hired outside consultants to assess the situation inside Kober Cogan. Due to the mold problem, the consultants recommended that MedStar turn off the air conditioning system and close the building.

While there was no evidence of “significant health risks” in Kober Cogan, University spokesperson Julie Green Bataille wrote that the building was vacated “out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of [the] employees.”

However, few occupied the building at the time of the leak, so it’s doubtful that the closure will impact Hospital employees or patients.

“The Kober Cogan building is a building we’ve been closing for months now,” Worley said. “We had planned to use the building for storage, but now we have to sit and wait to see what the experts say.”

Kober Cogan, which is located between the Leavey Center and the Hospital parking lot, is now closed to all but authorized personnel. When Vox ambled over to the building on Wednesday evening, we found signs plastered on the doors that prohibited entry.

Who would’ve figured that when mold outbreak happened on campus, it would happen anywhere but Darnall.

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