Comments of the Week: Outsourced.

“Recent Alum” gave us a lesson on literary devices when the SFS v. College debate ignited over possible Georgetown expansion into India:

No, it doesn’t sound like irony. It sounds like sarcasm. If you don’t know the difference, you might want to take a break from mocking the College and take one of its English classes. Then you can get back to inflating SFSers’ egos. Talk about parochialism.

Also, research institutes, professorships, and new programs aren’t “brand-building.” They have direct impact on the quality of students’ experiences. Building a campus in Qatar, on the other hand, was primarily aimed at making Georgetown look good, and it changed very little in the experience of Georgetown’s students. (I’m referring to the ones in DC.)

“Shruti” argued that a campus in India would be a great idea:

Actually, an SFS-I (or Georgetown campus in India in general) would be incredibly sweet for several reasons. One: India’s foreign policy is notoriously bad, and part of it might be because Indian educational institutions are poorly equipped to teach IR (except JNU in Delhi, which is great). Second: India’s got tremendous scope for development of educational institutes in general, since we’ve typically been closed off to any foreign investment in education, and infrastructure at educational institutions tends to be poor. Finally, a super selfish reason: at least my degree would be worth something in my home country if the Georgetown brand takes off in India. As things stand now, anytime I say I go to Georgetown to people in India, the response I draw is “what, Georgia Tech?” or “Georgetown? What’s that? Why would you go there?”

“Steven” caught on to the Georgetown Wing Co.’s marketing ploy:

Anyone else think they chose the name so as to create name confusion over Wing Co. vs. Wingo’s? If you say “co” instead of “company,” they are very difficult to distinguish. The first attack of the hopefully fierce battle between these two?

“Modern Language Association” suggested that we make comments more understandable:

Vox needs to establish a protocol for denoting sarcasm in comments. The volleying back and forth between commenters leads to monkey’s fists of confusion.

“Jacob” isn’t a fan of Georgetown Missed Connections, and he let us know it:

This is getting old REALLY fast

But like lemons into lemonade, “Jack Charles Powell” turned his criticism into the most wonderfully absurd joke of the week:

No, I’M getting old really fast. [Editor’s Note: Jack? Really? God bless you, anonymous commenter.]

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    We just passed 9,875. I’ll keep you updated once it gets closer to 10,000.

    Now you wouldn’t be planning on counting comments, would you?

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