“Media mashup” site to hit Georgetown this August

Georgetown Blog Hub, the yet-to-be-launched website that co-founder Laura Sortwell (MSB ’10) once called “a one-stop place to stay in touch with Georgetown,” is getting a makeover.

The site, which now operates under the name “What Rocks,” is set to launch in late August. Sortwell and co-founder Jess Lioon (MSB ’10) even added four students to their staff—Lance Pauker (COL ’12), Ben Goldhaber (SFS ’12), Erin Booth (COL ’12), and Sandy Moss (SFS ’11).

A quick look at the beta version of What Rocks reveals that the site is sticking to its “blog hub” roots. What Rocks is meant to be a “fully integrated multimedia experience,” according to its mission statement.

Currently, What Rocks has only published a handful of blog posts, but Pauker is confident that the site will live up to its self-described “media mashup” goal.

“Everyone at Georgetown, like it or not, is a nerd in some way,” Pauker wrote in an e-mail. “What Rocks provides an outlet to express that awesome nerdiness.”

When the site launches in August, all users will have the opportunity to publish content.

“[I]t is pretty much a combination of the fun, social networking aspect of sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with the substance and intellectual nature of the Huffington Post, the Voice, etc.” Pauker added.

While Vox hopes that the site succeeds, similar sites have flopped in the past. (Remember iHoyaSaxa? Neither does anyone else.)

At the very least, Pauker promises that What Rocks will throw a “sweet launch party” in August that will “undoubtedly provide an excellent opportunity for the guy who runs drunkengeorgetownstudents.com to showcase his dazzling talents.”

Welcome to the world of Georgetown blogging, What Rocks. It was getting a bit lonely, so we’re glad to have you join us.

3 Comments on ““Media mashup” site to hit Georgetown this August

  1. “…with the substance and intellectual nature of the Huffington Post…”

    I lol’d.

  2. Before it goes live, remove the “?” from the title! What Rocks sounds better than What Rocks?

  3. I’ve got a better idea. Before it goes live, replace “?” with a quesclamation mark (can’t find it on my keyboard, what gives?). You’ll be able to preserve that puzzling air of incredulity, while adding “pizzaz”. Which is what you want, right? Right ‽

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