Asbestos in Darnall: Now it’s a slightly worse dorm

First Kober Cogan and now Darnall? Gosh, everybody disappears for the summer and Georgetown suddenly starts to fall to pieces.

Signs posted inside Darnall Hall reveal that the University recently began an “asbestos abatement project.” The project, which involves removing both floor tiles and mastic putty, is slated to run through the end of the month.

But, there’s good news. (Aside from the inevitable Darnall: The Sitcom storyline about asbestos.) The asbestos removal is part of a larger renovation project in the dormitory. Incoming freshmen lucky enough to live in Darnall next Fall will have the pleasure of … new carpeting!

“This summer, [the University is] working to remove and replace carpet in Darnall,” University spokesperson Andy Pino wrote in an e-mail. “As is the case with many buildings from this era, some of the floor tiles underneath the carpet contain asbestos.”

The University hired both a professional, EPA-certified contractor to remove the asbestos-laden floor tiles, and an environmental consulting firm to oversee the process.

And for those of you who are now terrified to walk past, in, or near Darnall—fret no longer. According to the sign posted inside the building, the University also hired an “industrial hygiene contractor” to “analyze air samples during and after asbestos abatement.”

But then again, we’re pretty frightened every time we walk inside Darnall.

After the jump, we’ve got a scan of the notice posted inside Darnall.

Asbestos in the floors of Darnall Hall

10 Comments on “Asbestos in Darnall: Now it’s a slightly worse dorm

  1. Um…. There was asbestos in Darnall? I spent a lot of time licking those floor tiles. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME?

  2. This Darnall-bashing just keeps reaching new levels of irrationality.

  3. @ Doug

    Isn’t it obvious? We Darnall bash because we hate Georgetown!

    (Or maybe because it’s a rotten dorm.)

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  5. I think the larger concern is the building’s pronunciation.

    Darnall ≠Darnell

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  7. So… I’m working for housing this summer, as in working in the RHO’s (read: packages and keys), and at the beginning of the summer, they made us move everything out of the building for the new carpeting. (Not our job…) Now I realize that they sent us into an asbestos-filled building to move furniture around enough to certainly release the asbestos into the air. With no protection, and no warning, We spent ALL DAY in there. If I get cancer, I’m suing.

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