MSB finally gets Gmail—and it’s way nicer than everyone else’s

A year after the other schools jumped on the Gmail bandwagon, the McDonough School of Business is making the switch to Google-provided email. And, in the long tradition of MSBers getting way nicer stuff than everyone else, their Gmail accounts will come fully equipped with apps like Gchat, Google Calendar and Google Docs—a perk kids in the College, SFS and NHS still don’t have.

According to MSB Chief Technology Officer John Carpenter, it was easier for the MSB to adopt full-service Gmail because MSB students have always had separate passwords for their email and University accounts. Because students in the other schools use their netID and password for both functions, University Information Services worried that giving Google students’ netIDs and passwords would be a security issue and thus opted for the minimalist, web-only version of Gmail that allows them to more easily withhold that information.

Another concern UIS Director Beth Ann Bergsmark cited about enhancing Gmail accounts was that some apps might overlap with services offered by Blackboard and thus create confusion about which system to use. Carpenter said he did not see the Blackboard overlap issue to be a major problem and that he anticipates MSB students will continue to use Blackboard in addition to the new Google apps.

Bergsmark—who did not respond to requests for comments for this post—told Vox last July that UIS would be forming a working group to look into what apps to add, but as of November little progress had been made.

“I think the [rest of] the University will come around,” Carpenter said.

Let’s hope so. Until then, looks like non-MSBers will have to continue forwarding their Georgetown-based “Gmail” to their real Gmail accounts.

9 Comments on “MSB finally gets Gmail—and it’s way nicer than everyone else’s

  1. It’s okay if there’s some overlap between the new MSB gmail and Blackboard…it’s not like MSB kids use Blackboard

  2. I was in the MSB and used Blackboard for lots of classes. When will petty provincialism end?

  3. I have never had an MSB class that didn’t use blackboard.

  4. @ @ Common sense,

    Given that this is the MSB, I’m surprised you’ve had a class.

  5. [Editor’s Note: MSB Chief Technology Officer John Carpenter did not write this comment. But, he did call it a “witty and harmless line,” so there’s that!]

    Wrong. I did NOT support the switch to full Gmail services because of their convenience. I supported it because surrendering our email activities to Google will facilitate the enslavement of the masses by malevolent aliens posing as major corporations and consumer culture. This was all illustrated in my 1988 sci-fi action satire They Live, starring WWE hall of famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

  6. imagine if the whole school had gchat…nobody would do work!

  7. its a good thing they only gave Gchat to MSB, as we all know they do no work anyways…

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