Comments of the Week: When readers strike back

Darnall ’06-07” made an appointment with an oncologist after reading about the asbestos found in Darnall:

Um…. There was asbestos in Darnall? I spent a lot of time licking those floor tiles. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME?

Someone pretending to be filmmaker “John Carpenter“—who happens to have the same name as the MSB’s Chief Technology Officer—had something to say about the business school’s recent adoption of fully-loaded Gmail:

[Editor’s Note: MSB Chief Technology Officer John Carpenter did not write this comment. But, he did call it a “witty and harmless line,” so there’s that!]

Wrong. I did NOT support the switch to full Gmail services because of their convenience. I supported it because surrendering our email activities to Google will facilitate the enslavement of the masses by malevolent aliens posing as major corporations and consumer culture. This was all illustrated in my 1988 sci-fi action satire They Live, starring WWE hall of famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Nico Dodd’s review of Drake’s Thank Me Later reminded “Ali” of the only decent television show to come out of Canada:

He’ll always be Wheelchair Jimmy to me.

@ common sense” defended the academic standards of the MSB:

I have never had an MSB class that didn’t use blackboard.

But “Jacob” had other ideas about the business school:

@ @ Common sense,

Given that this is the MSB, I’m surprised you’ve had a class.

Pabs” had a suggestion for Georgetown’s latest blog:

Before it goes live, remove the “?” from the title! What Rocks sounds better than What Rocks?

Hermione,” like her fictional namesake, is kind of a bitch:

I’ve got a better idea. Before it goes live, replace “?” with a quesclamation mark (can’t find it on my keyboard, what gives?). You’ll be able to preserve that puzzling air of incredulity, while adding “pizzaz”. Which is what you want, right? Right ‽

3 Comments on “Comments of the Week: When readers strike back

  1. I thought “interrobang” would have fascinating alternate meanings on urban dictionary. No luck.

    Time to make one.

  2. WOW. Can’t believe I make comments of the week. Must have been a REALLY slow news week LOL.

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