The Pinball Museum is coming to Georgetown

While battle over the Shops at Georgetown Park heats up, at least there’s some hope for some fun on the horizon.

The National Pinball Museum is coming to the Shops, according to the Georgetown Metropolitan. David Silverman, its founder and curator, hopes to open the museum in September.

“I am building it as we speak,” Silverman wrote in an email.

Silverman’s grand plan for the museum includes pinball-themed eateries, exhibits on the history of pinball, and workshops on the construction of pinball machines. However, because he plans to build another museum on yet-to-be purchased land, some of these features might not be coming to Georgetown.

The Pinball Museum currently contains 50 pinball machines and is housed in a building behind Silverman’s Silver Spring home. With the move to Georgetown, he says, the museum can exhibit more of his collection. Silverman owns over 850 pinball machines, including a pinball machine precursor from the 1920s.

The large collection should get plenty of use; the museum will not only have exhibits, but also pinball machines for visitors to play.

“There will be a separate game room for play so it does not detract from the museum,” Silverman said.

In addition to his extensive collection, Silverman will bring his knowledge of the history of pinball to Georgetown. In 2009, he lectured at the Smithsonian American Art Museum on the history of pinball, according to the Washington Post.

Admission to the museum will be less than the current $25 fee, Silverman said. But, patrons will still need their quarters—games of pinball will not be included in the price of admisson.

Photo from Flickr user heyrocker used under a Creative Commons license.

4 Comments on “The Pinball Museum is coming to Georgetown

  1. and I always associated philly p with rowdiness. the pin ball museum will blow that right out of the water

  2. @ oh shit,
    I just hope they’re open until 2am! I imagine a dramatic increase in 1am drunk pinball playing in Georgetown.

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