Design your own 2010 Campus Plan sign

Our trip into Burleith yesterday got us thinking about a few things. Why should the residents be the only ones who get to have fun with signage? How can students get involved with the 2010 Campus Plan? And why has it been months since our last contest?

And so, in the spirit of fairness, we’re launching a “2010 Campus Plan” sign contest. All next week, we’ll be checking for submissions. If you’d like to enter, don’t forget to include your name, school, year, and a little bit about what inspired your sign.

Next Friday, we’ll choose our favorite signs and then pit them against one another in a vote. That’s right—you choose the winner! Lucky you!

The winner will receive a yet-to-be-determined prize.

After the jump, we’ve posted a sample sign to spark your creativity.

Stephen R. Brown’s conspiracy theory about Jesuits relocating GU Hospital to Burleith inspired us to make this:

27 Comments on “Design your own 2010 Campus Plan sign

  1. Students ought to actually have something like this printed up and place them in their yards in both Burleith and West Georgetown. Maybe some extra large sized ones for the houses that are in close proximity to Stephen Brown’s home.

  2. why advertise to the neighbors where we live?

  3. Because we’re not ashamed of who we are. Why should we be? We’re a bunch of intelligent, interesting young men and women becoming educated at one of the country’s leading universities, and we’re paying $60K a year for the privilege of living in “[their] homes.” I’ll be living on T St. this year, and I plan on introducing myself to the neighbors as a GU senior, not as the daughter of some cranky old man with too much time on his hands (although kudos to the paper-deliverer who, according to last summer’s Burleith Citizens Association newsletter, will be a sophomore at Yale. I only hope New Haven is as pleasant to you as Burleith has been to me).

    As an aside – doesn’t Georgetown University predate the existence of the District of Columbia? I’m only going by the writing on the seal, and my Latin is close to non-existent, but technically DC is invading our turf…

  4. That was my antagonistic slogan. This is my accusatory/confusatory slogan: How the hell’d we wind up like this?

  5. “GU is a National Treasure” [Treasure Hunter’s Note: If there’s secret Algonquin treasure under GU, I got dibbs]

    “I’m going to kidnap the president of CAG”

  6. I’m not sure that GIFs are printable. Maybe we can just hot glue iPads to stakes and have them on our lawns with the blingees playing!

    I might only be writing this in hopes of winning the Barbie.

  7. some ideas:

    Be a Patriot. GU’ Expansion is GOOD for America.

    You Chose to Live Next to a Top University.

    Georgetown Forever

  8. Traditions matter. Burleith, gu dorm since 1789

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  10. Steven, I love it. That’s what I’ve been saying for weeks.

  11. Also, Chad! I am so glad to see you again.

  12. NO
    we ♡ u

  13. More Students or More Republicans?
    You Decide.

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  15. my vote goes to the ‘talk to my landlord’ one – sums up my feelings exactly.
    here’s one I’ll throw out – Manifest Destiny, Bitch!

    Concurrently, I think we should make some absurd signs that look like BCA’s signs.

    Students Keep Out
    Get off my Lawn!
    Burleithians against Education
    Keep our Neighborhood Pure
    Ghettos – It could happen here
    Proud Member of Burleith Secret Police
    Neighbors – Banning the noise, Banning the Funk since 1920

    most of these are terrible but you get my point.

  16. “Our Education, not Burleith’s”
    “Burleith: Your local Syracuse, NY”

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