10,000 reasons we love Vox commenters

We fell sleep for a few hours and—BAM!—our 10,000th comment contest ended overnight. As promised, the winner will receive his very own Georgetown Barbie.

Our first five-figure comment, written by Jeffrey Bien (COL ’10), a.k.a. “Bring Back the Blingees!”, shows in oh-so-many ways why we love Vox commenters:

Seriously, can we make blingees? I’m envisioning a giant Bieber head saying “GET OUT OF MY GHETTO”
What do you think?

While we secretly hoped a resident would win, Jeffrey’s comment delighted us. Congrats, the Georgetown Barbie is forever yours.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we want to thank everybody that reads Vox. Your tips, comments, and feedback keep this little blog going. Our job would be decidedly less fun—and more pointless—without you.

And while we’re elbow-deep in self-promotion, we just want to remind you to try submitting a slogan to our 2010 Campus Plan sign contest. We promise there’s no better way to waste away your precious summer hours.

6 Comments on “10,000 reasons we love Vox commenters

  1. Chad, don’t you even worry, I’ll send you a photograph of me holding it.

  2. Oh man, if it had been a neighbor, we could have rounded up some rowdy, sleep-deprived grad students to throw a raging party in her honor…and by “raging,” I mean that it would end by 11:30 and involve 4 hours of studying anatomy.

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