Comments of the Week: All riled up

Really?” spotted a mistake on the lawn signs popping up all over Burleith:

Hmm–I sense a major flaw in these signs. Georgetown doesn’t have dorms. We have Residence Halls. SUCK IT!

Joe” shamed Burleith residents for renting to—and then complaining about—students:

“She worries the 2010 Campus Plan will tempt too many people to rent to students.” If Burleith residents are so worried that a swarm of drunken PhD’s will descend like locusts onto their bucolic homes, I think there’s a simple solution: Don’t rent to them. It’s not as if they’re going to launch tent city on their lawns, bathing naked at the nearest fire hydrant and hosting Lord-of-the-Flies-style cookouts on the Ellington lawn. It sounds like the fight here is between residents who do want to rent and those who don’t; graduate students can move further afield if there’s not enough space in Burleith.

Benjamin Gates” had one of our favorite submissions in the 2010 Campus Plan sign contest:

“GU is a National Treasure” [Treasure Hunter’s Note: If there’s secret Algonquin treasure under GU, I got dibbs]

gc” took the high road with his sign entry:

Love Thy Neighbor

from a burleithian” really nailed us. Hard.

Chris “oh, just you wait” Heller – a student “reporter”

Tim, “I wish them nothing but the worst” – nothing new for Tim, but thanks anyway

and the winner is STEVEN “undergrads are FAR worse in terms of noise and partying”

Thanks guys, you got me laughing anyway!! Enjoy your weekend

Voice alum Will Sommer questioned the merits of graduate student ragers:

Have these people even been to a grad student party? In my limited experience, not very fun.

Tim” was disappointed that a resident didn’t win the Georgetown Barbie:

Oh man, if it had been a neighbor, we could have rounded up some rowdy, sleep-deprived grad students to throw a raging party in her honor…and by “raging,” I mean that it would end by 11:30 and involve 4 hours of studying anatomy.

Thom Yorke” shared our excitement about the rumored Georgetown IHOP:

If this IHOP happens, I will be there everyday of the week.  Wingos wrecks my digestive system whenever I get the munchies, and I get the munchies A LOT.

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