Georgetown students launch

Remember that time you (a stupid act) in hopes that you could (a sexual activity) with (object of your sexual desire)? Well, now you can tell the internet about it!, a site that chronicles “golden hookup experiences that are worth sharing with the world,” launched earlier this month under the watchful eyes of three current Georgetown students and one NYU student.

“After a traumatizing hookup experience, [we] looked for a place to post the story online and realized that no such website existed—and so began,” one founder, an MSB student in the Class of 2011 who requested anonymity, wrote in an e-mail. “ provides people an opportunity to post their stories anonymously in a place where the people will appreciate them.”

One thing’s for sure—the stories don’t fail to earn the moniker of “worst hookups.” [Editor’s note: Most of the following links aren’t particularly NSFW.]

“My story takes place in a small college town where beautiful women are as numerous as beer cans,” reads one of the posts, in which a man faked a Scottish accent in a small college town, took a girl back to a friend’s house, and proceeded to fall asleep in a drunken stupor. When he woke up the next day, he continued the ruse until “the dummy left.”

In another, the author’s roommate took an “unnamed mistress” into an attic to “get some stank on his hang down.” Once in the attic, the couple decided to lie down on padded insulation and get busy—until the drywall below the insulation collapsed into the room below. (The girl, whose face was so bruised by the fall that it “[mirrored] the receiving end of a Mike Tyson haymaker,” also broke her arm.)

Ladies have joined in on the fun at too! One woman, for example, recounted an attempt to woo an old flame while spending a weekend in her hometown. After making “the game-time decision to slam a bunch of shots of cheap vodka so I could catch up,” the author took her hopeful-bedfellow into his room, only to black out mid-hook up. When she woke up alone the next morning, she discovered a note that read, “You passed out while we were kissing. Then you pissed the entire bed. I slept in my friend’s room. When you wake up, please throw the sheets in the dumpster outside. Have a safe ride home.”

In addition to the site, the students also run Facebook and Twitter accounts.

10 Comments on “Georgetown students launch

  1. Figures this would come from an MSB student.

  2. Easy there… Two of the three founders are in the college.

  3. These stories are much longer than FML/TFLN…

  4. has been doing this for years in a weekly column…

  5. They said the same thing about yahoo when google first appeared. I’m just sayin’…

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