Vote for your favorite 2010 Campus Plan lawn sign

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You guys impress the hell out of us.

In the past week, you flooded the comments and our inbox with some great submissions for the 2010 Campus Plan sign contest. It took some time—and a little bit of Photoshopping—but we managed to whittle it down to the five best entries.

We’re putting the contest to a vote now, meaning that you all get to decide which sign will be mass-produced and distributed in late August.

Do you like the “Beware of college students” and “Raising property values since 1789″ signs, both submitted by Alison Crowley (COL ’11)? How about Steven‘s “Complain to my landlord, not to my school” sign? Or perhaps one of the other two entries?

Take a look at your choices, ponder over them a bit, and then vote for your favorite after the jump. The contest will end at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, July 15, so vote while you still can.

5 Comments on “Vote for your favorite 2010 Campus Plan lawn sign

  1. I kinda wanted to vote for “Love Thy Neighbor”…

  2. Why not invite the neighborhood to a rumble, Sharks and Jets style? Meet in the park and settle this once and for all? It couldn’t be any worse than the beating your giving this dead horse.

  3. When does "Recent Graduate" turn into "unemployed"?

    Probably not the best idea. We saw this past winter what happens when we meet the opposite side in a park to “settle” things “once and for all.”

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