Astronauts to speak at Georgetown, brag about space travel

Holy shit, astronauts are coming to Georgetown! What’s next? Pirates? Ninjas?

NASA and the McDonough School of Business have collaborated to bring the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis to Georgetown. On Monday, July 26th, the six astronauts will sit down in the Lohrfink Auditorium to present a video about their 12-day mission and answer questions from the audience.

According to NASA’s website, the crew’s mission, STS-132, delivered a Russian module to the International Space Station last May. The module increased storage space and provided a new docking port at the ISS. The mission, which was the last scheduled for the Atlantis, also included three spacewalks to repair and replace components outside the station. The full event information can be found here at NASA’s website.

The event is free and open to the public, but you have to RSVP here. Sign up sooner rather than later, because the eight-year-old boy in all of us makes this a hot ticket.

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