Young alumni donations rise compared to last year

Aided by the University’s ongoing efforts to raise funds for the 1789 Scholarship Imperative, young alumni donations increased by 25 percent in the past year.

The Office of Advancement saw a similar jump in the number of young alumni donors, who are defined as members of the five most-recently graduated classes. Nearly 30 percent more students donated compared to the 2009 fiscal year.

“A lot of folks are rallying behind the Scholarship Imperative,” Assistant Director of Advancement Benjamin Jarrett said.

More than a quarter of the young alumni donor base, which the Office of Advancement defines as “solicitable alumni,” gave gifts to the University last year. The Class of 2008 led the pack with a 30 percent participation rate, however, no class fell below the 24 percent mark.

Katie Kaplun (COL ’08), the Gift Chair for the Class of 2008, believes that the a variety of factors caused the donor increase.

“I think there was increased clarity around the [University’s] financial situation as well as the impact of alumni giving,” Kaplun wrote in an email. “Our class specifically saw success due to the collaboration of dedicated alumni in getting the word out.”

Chloe Waddington, the Co-Chair for the Class of 2009, echoed Kaplun’s opinion, while emphasizing the importance of educating students about fund raising.

“Many of the older alumni knew Georgetown at a time before the [University] was allowed to fund raise,” Waddington wrote in an email. “I believe one way that we can continue to improve alumni giving will be to continue to educate current students … about the necessity of individual giving to our alma mater.”

(Below, we’ve listed the specifics behind each classes’ donation rates.)

  • Class of 2005: 26.8% (422 donors, 1,577 donor base)
  • Class of 2006: 27.1% (408 donors, 1,502 donor base)
  • Class of 2007: 25.7% (400 donors, 1,559 donor base)
  • Class of 2008: 30.5% (488 donors, 1,599 donor base)
  • Class of 2009: 24.9% (366 donors, 1,471 donor base)

Photo from Flickr user “crazyneighborlady” used under a Creative Commons license.

2 Comments on “Young alumni donations rise compared to last year

  1. I don’t understand this comment, “Many of the older alumni knew Georgetown at a time before the [University] was allowed to fund raise.” Can someone elaborate on this? How far back was this, and what are the details?

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