Georgetown Hospital-Howard partnership receives NIH grant

Coming on the heels of a multi-million dollar grant, Georgetown University Medical Center and Howard University joined forces to form the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences (GHUCCTS).

The Center, which will collaborate with MedStar Health, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the D.C. Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, received a $38.2 million grant from the National Center for Research Resources (a subsidiary of the National Institutes of Health) to establish itself.  The grant begins this month and will last for five years.

Dr. Joseph Verbalis, Chief of the Endocrinology and Metabolism Division at the Medical Center, and Dr. Thomas Mellman, Howard University Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research, will jointly oversee the Center’s 109 employees.

“We will creatively combine considerable institutional strengths and talents in ways to enable the application of a larger breadth of resources for clinical and translational research than are available at each of our individual institutions,” Verbalis said, noting that with the Center’s creation will make it easier to offer a wider variety of courses and training opportunities for students at the medical schools.

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  1. Looking at this hospital brings back that fateful day my father passed away. The staff in the ICU were excellent and extremely professional and their wonderful and helpful and caring attitudes helped to ease our hurt while visiting my father before we had to let him go. Daddy left us to be with the Lord in 2002. Thank you Georgetown Hospital for your wonderful, and caring attitude towards those family members hurting for a loved one.

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