H8r @$$ concert review: We are scientists desperate

As a bonus h8r @$$ review, Nico Dodd trekked out to the Black Cat last night to see We Are Scientists perform.

When my friend and I showed up at the Black Cat last night, we immediately noticed how good a view we had … before we realized the audience was comprised of 80 percent teenage girls and 20 percent teenage boyfriends.

You may remember We Are Scientists from their 2006 minor hit album With Love and Squalor. Since then, they toured with Kings of Leon, had an MTV comedy mini-series, and even wrote an anthem for English National football team. They are currently touring on their newest release, Barbara, which came out this June.

After Lightspeed Champion’s confusing opening act, WAS sprung from the outer reaches of buzz-band purgatory to woo the audience with two-minute-long banter sessions and audience participation via tambourine. I wasn’t into it. Hell, they weren’t even actual scientists!

We Are Scientists committed the cardinal sin of rock n’ roll last night—trying too hard. Lots of people laughed at their jokes, but it was difficult to take them seriously when the band finally started playing again. Such gratuitous thanks to the audience at the end of their performance was unnecessary and made them look weak. After a set of songs that showed little dynamic for a band with a four-album catalog, We Are Scientists demonstrated that they can play to their fans, but they simply didn’t impress.

We Are Scientists are playing at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn tonight, but if you ask me, you should go see Inception instead.

Photo from Flickr user “kokalola” used under a Creative Commons license.

7 Comments on “H8r @$$ concert review: We are scientists desperate

  1. @ sooooooo sad

    We feel the same way. Don’t know why VFT is gone just yet, but we’re looking into it.

  2. Spoilers for Inception: It was Kevin Spacey the whole time

  3. “80 percent teenage girls and 20 percent teenage boyfriends” – your desire to discredit the audience is based on a complete lie. As well- if you go to these “indie” bands that play for something bigger than DC9 – you’d notice that other bands “fall victim” to this demographic as well. When I was their age- I was super charged about finding new music and going to shows. I’m not surprised that these teenage girls were more interested in their teenage boyfriends than the creeping older dude.

    “We Are Scientists committed the cardinal sin of rock n’ roll last night—trying too hard.” Cardinal sin of rock and roll is trying too hard? Hilarious. You clearly haven’t gone to many of their shows. You probably heard from a friend that they have great shows and wanted to “check them out” but because you don’t have a fun personality and felt out of place you were dissatisfied. You then blog about them as being desperate? You know a lot about Georgetown cupcakes but not so much about shows. As a Georgetown alum, I’m embarrassed by this blog.
    I’d love a response to this…

  4. WAS is an amazing band and Dev Hynes is incredibly talented.

    Next time, just ENJOY the music and the show.

    What a shame this is not a review, but a silly screed.

    Good luck with your other career!

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  6. ‘the outer reaches of buzz-band purgatory’

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