Businessweek names D.C. second best city for college grads

Although Vox is certain that some members of the class of 2010 will disagree with its assessment, Bloomberg Businessweek named Georgetown’s home city as second only to Houston in terms of entry-level job opportunities.

D.C. made some serious strides compared to the 2009 rankings, when the city was considered the 19th-best in the nation. Businessweek boasts that government jobs are recession-proof, but points to the city’s high cost of living and unemployment rates to explain why it fell short of the number one spot.

Surprisingly, Houston topped list despite an average starting salary $10,000 lower than the average in D.C.

So, the message is clear—stay in D.C. if you can. (Here’s looking at you, Class of 2011!)

Photo by Flickr user “nostri-imago” used under a Creative Commons license.

2 Comments on “Businessweek names D.C. second best city for college grads

  1. I second that Sommer – Houston rocks my house


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