Comments of the Week: Haters gon’ hate

enough is enough” has had it with the 2010 Campus Plan fight:

im seriously getting bored by all this… the university is evil, the neighbors are selfish douchebags, jennifer altemus is a horrid bitch who deserves to have her degree revoked yada yada yada… lets discuss something more engaging… like the weather

But if “Zac” has his way, the fight won’t last much longer:

This just in: a compromise has been reached! The fate of the 2010 Georgetown Campus Plan will be decided in the THUNDERDOME where Jack “Squirtle” DeGoia and Jennifer “Bullhead” Altemus will enter and only one shall leave!

Voice Leisure Editor Brendan Baumgardner channeled his inner Alf:

Wait, is the kitten burger a secret off-menu item at Five Guys now? Nice!

Typical” voiced some frustrations about wireless internet expansion:

I love how the University is boasting about this. It’s embarrassing that in 2010, a self-proclaimed major research university does not have reliable wireless internet access in all residential, academic, and social buildings. Just shut up, get it done, and move on to Walsh and ICC.

Doubtful” doesn’t think Georgetown’s dorms will be completely wireless anytime soon:

Remember when the College students were supposed to get fully-accessorized Gmail accounts in Spring 2009? That ended up not happening until 9 months later, and the Gmail doesn’t do anything aside from mail. I expect similar results here.

@Doubtful” didn’t like his cynical attitude:

Boo-hoo! You waited 9 months for Gmail, which you were using anyway by just forwarding your e-mails. That’s the fastest anything every happened at Gtown! I once waited in line for 11 months on chicken finger thursday! cry me a river.

Eileen” realized an unexpected consequence of Jack the Bulldog walking around campus without his golf cart:

He could use the exercise, but most of the objects on campus could do without the humping.

Completely Wrong” felt that Vox‘s latest H8r @$$ review lived up to its name:

WAS is an amazing band and Dev Hynes is incredibly talented.

Next time, just ENJOY the music and the show.

What a shame this is not a review, but a silly screed.

Good luck with your other career!

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