Welcome Week enters the Twitterverse

In an effort to reach out to a greater portion of the Georgetown community, the Welcome Week committee jumped onto the social network bandwagon.

Tweeting since June 17, the committee has used the site to promote their meetings—which usually have free cookies!—and to gain input from their followers about proposed events.

In an e-mail conversation with Vox, Welcome Week co-chairs Annie Cruickshank (COL ’11), Danny Fortin (SFS ’12), and Anna Sannes (COL ’11) explained their decision to turn to Twitter. They want to “establish Welcome Week as its own entity on campus, not just a follow-up to NSO or a random mash-up of events following the Welcome Back Jack barbecue.”

Through Twitter, the committee plans to update students on the planning process, while soliciting suggestions about Welcome Week events.

Welcome Week planning is well underway, with the theme (“Back in the Saddle!”) and plenty of activities already decided.

Going along with the rodeo-inspired theme, the committee has planned a county fair co-hosted by What’s After Dark, as well as “Georgetown Derby Races” on September 10. Although Vox asked about the possibility of a mechanical bull, the committee has not decided on whether or not to have one.

Welcome Week has also been reaching out to Center for Student Programs organizations in an effort to have co-sponsored events.

Vox hopes that @guwelcomeweek’s tweets will be good enough to make the Twuesday Tweetacular. But until then, you can follow the committee’s tweets here.

6 Comments on “Welcome Week enters the Twitterverse

  1. Yet again, Vox shows that it has no journalistic integrity or the ability to check facts. I guess they were too busy listening to Slipknot to read my special message about Welcome Week. The theme of “Back in the Saddle” does not refer to a rodeo theme, but instead is a celebration of the release of Insane Clown Posse and friend’s “Big Money Rustlas” DVD on August 17th. Big Money Rustlas promises to be a groundbreaking Western comedy starring Violent J as Big Baby Chips, a gambling tycoon who controls the town of Mudbug through extortion and violence, and Shaggy 2 Dope as Sheriff Sugar Wolf, the new sheriff who attempts to rid the town of Big Baby Chips. I thought the film’s themes of good triumphing over evil and the importance of clown make up tied perfectly in with Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition. We will be having Orange Faygo shoot outs, ICP impersonation contests, and a free screening of Big Money Rustlas on Healy Lawn with a special performance by Blaze Ya Dead Homie. The Week promises to be both fun and educational as we come together as a community to celebrate the cinematic achievement of “Big Money Rustlas.” I would appreciate it if you Juggahoes at Vox Populi fixed your error and stopped getting your information from the biggest Juggahoe of all, Dan Porterfield.


    PS Be sure to check out my Prelude program during NSO. It’s titled “F-ing Magnets: How They Work.” I am a university administrator, not a scientist, so during the prelude you can be sure I will not lie and make you po’d.

  2. Isn’t the theme “Back in the saddle” not freshman-friendly? They’ve never been in this particularly saddle. They’ve been in minor league saddles, but this is the big time. OH I GET IT. Georgetown doesn’t welcome freshmen very well! Touche, Welcome Week Committee, touche. Perhaps “I teach my children to swim by chucking them in and not helping them” was too long of a theme.

  3. @Julie Patterson: Exactly! “We have a Welcome Week?” and “What is Welcome Week?” are two of the most common questions Welcome Week hears. That’s why we, as a committee, are making a special effort this year to get our name and mission out right away.

    Welcome Week is an annual university tradition that is meant to welcome all students to campus through various interactive events. University departments and student organizations work to generate these events, and all activities are meant to show a commitment to the Jesuit ideals of diversity and inclusion. It starts with the Welcome Back Jack barbecue on August 31st and continues through September 12th.

  4. @Not Greg M: NSO is for freshmen, Welcome week is for returning students.

    Also, Vox should do a roundup of all the (active) GU Student Org twitter accounts as part of the pre-frosh series.

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