Who sells the best wings in Georgetown?

Since Georgetown Wing Co. soft-opened in June, we’ve suffered from crisis of conscience. Do we stay faithful to Wingo’s, or do we start eating at Wing Co.? Unfortunately, we can’t decide for ourselves.

So, we recruited some help. Some super-secret guest help.

Prepare yourselves—by this time next week, we’ll have put an end to the Great Wing War of 2010.

20 Comments on “Who sells the best wings in Georgetown?

  1. Is this even a question. The Wingos experience is like no other. Tell Georgetown Wing Co. to get some beads and then maybe we can talk.

  2. Maybe if Wing Co. had someone like Wingo’s Guy, they could compete. [In a smoker’s voice] WINGOS. WINGOS. WANT A COUPON? WINGOS!!!

  3. @Tom Seconded. Wingo’s without a doubt. Shame on VP for suggesting otherwise.

  4. Of the two I am definitely going for Wingo’s half off wednesdays. But throwing another hat into the ring…Tombs? Their study snacks wings are clutch. NOMS.

  5. nothing tops wingo’s suicidal wings. nothing.

  6. I blame Vox for propagating strife in our neighborhood. Between egging on the neighbors and now prodding Wingo’s and Georgetown Wing Co. into some sort of winner-take-nothing death match, I think we’ve found the cause of the discord in our community.

    Fie on thee, Blog.GeorgetownVoice.Com. Fie.

    That being said, if Wings to Go moves into the area, y’all are done for.

  7. Have any of you had the overloaded tots at Georgetown Wing Co.? And their cheap ass pitchers? Until wiseys can match THAT, it seems as if my decision has been made for me.

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  9. First off, this is the most unbalanced audio I’ve ever listened to. Vox, horrible editing! (at least try to be fair!)
    anyway, I just went to gtown wing co. And the chili lime wings are awesome. Add the loaded tots and not only is it damn good food, but the prices are great. Sorry wingos, move over… There is a new chef in town.

  10. Georgetown Wing Co WILL WIN I PROMISE U THAT

  11. Georgetown Wing Co will win but i think its wrong to make these two places fight plus Wingos they dont taste really good

  12. what does wingos mean by “the wings you get today kinda came in this morning” LOL, remember people competition is good for the consumer, this isn’t a fight but it will drive both places to better themselves. I’ve at at both places a few times, Georgetown Wing Co is tipping the scales as the favorite right now.

  13. Well I have been to both places and I’ve got sick off the wings at wingos and it looks like the owner looks like he has developed an impunity to his wings maybe because he has had a little too much of his own product but none the less Georgetown wing company is defiantly better it’s a place you can sit down watch a game and relax with good food the loaded tots and the wings and the crepes are really good.

  14. I agree, Wingos is horrible and Georgetown wing co rules

  15. As a Wing Ambassador I was originally a follower or Wingos. Wingos still delivers quality wings but i have to give the nod to Georgetown Wing Co. Great Service and Prices and Overall Experience.

  16. I’m not sure what eveyone is even debating; the bottom line is that 99% of the wings here in DC would be sent back if they were served in Buffalo, including those at Wingo’s and Gtown Wing Co.

    So if these places are serious about serving the best wings in the area take the short flight or make the 7 hour drive up to Buffalo and stop in at Duffs and Anchor Bar for a true wing experience; take notes, ask questions and bring some flavor to the so called wing places in the Nations capital!

  17. Georgetown Wing Co. is by far the best. Wingo’s doesn’t even compare. I’ve been to both, and had an awful experience at Wingo’s. However, my experiences at Georgetown Wing Co. are always enjoyable. They have great food, a great staff, and fun atmosphere! Wingo’s should feel honored that it even gets to compete with Georgetown Wing Co. Suck it Wingos.

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