Comments of the Week: A post about the campus plan stirs controversy

Famed poet “William Carlos Williams” penned a poem for us:

This Is Just to Say (Dedicated to the Neighbor Whose Lawn I Peed On)

I have peed
on the grass
that was in
your lawn

and which
you were probably
for your landscaping contest

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

Hermione” magicked the pants off of a resident:

Hey to P,

I’m pretty sure if a student lived in a “shit hole slumlord rat infested piece of shit rowhouse,” they would complain to their landlords. Also, “Security Cameras – ON”? Bet you can’t say that out loud without someone laughing at you. Wanker.

Wingardium Leviosa,

Burleith resident” wanted students to ally with their neighbors:

I sense that this is just how the big shots at the University want it: long-term residents and short-term students sniping at each other over late-night behavior. Everyone, lift your eyes a little higher and see the University’s plan to CROWD the area. That affects everyone; residents AND students. Increased enrollment means a more highly populated campus. Students wait in lines longer, classes swell, events are harder to attend, not to mention rent rates spiking, living conditions decaying. Yes, the school makes more money. But who does that benefit? BAND TOGETHER, students and residents! Oppose the plan!

Brosef Stalin” disagreed:

@burlieth resident

jesus janis joplin, chill the hell out.

Old Georgetowner” thinks the University has plenty of room to build on-campus housing:

There’s lots of places to build more housing on campus — there’s the air rights above the Jesuit cemetery, and the worthless garden around the old observatory. Build high enough, and you could put up thousands. (And there’s that football field, which is as useless as the team. Build on that.)

this blog” added Vox to the list of things they hate—along with fun, puppies, rainbows, and ice cream:

I have had it. This blog has now convinced me to call the cops every time these kids break the law.

This year’s rodeo-themed Welcome Week confused “Not Greg Monroe“:

Isn’t the theme “Back in the saddle” not freshman-friendly? They’ve never been in this particularly saddle. They’ve been in minor league saddles, but this is the big time. OH I GET IT. Georgetown doesn’t welcome freshmen very well! Touche, Welcome Week Committee, touche. Perhaps “I teach my children to swim by chucking them in and not helping them” was too long of a theme.

Glenn Beck” was concerned about former SEIU President Andy Stern’s new gig at Georgetown:


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