Georgetown apparel: Not just for the fans anymore

If you ever find yourself in Chicago, think twice before approaching a stranger in a Hoyas hat—you might be confused for a gang member.

Georgetown recently made Complex‘s list of the ten most gang-affiliated hats in sports. According to Complex, the Chicago-area Gangster Disciples (and, by extension, the Folk Nation gang alliance) adopted Georgetown apparel as its unofficial uniform.

Now, why would a Chicago gang member wear a Georgetown hat? Because the odd pairing honors Gangster Disciples founder Larry Hoover, with “Hoya” standing in as an acronym for “Hoover’s On Your Ass.”

Vox feels out of touch—for years, we thought that “Hoya Saxa” was just a dorky inside joke from the 19th century. Who knew that it was also a threatening homage to a man with a life sentence?

5 Comments on “Georgetown apparel: Not just for the fans anymore

  1. Isn’t this an old story? The GD’s have worn this garb since the 1990’s.

  2. The “magazine” is mostly a compilation of advertisements aimed at a target market of 20–35 year old males. It is notable for sometimes being distributed without solicitation to home addresses.

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  4. GD/Folks have been wearing Georgetown gear since at least 1990; maybe further back. I remember it well growing up in Chicago. The hat is usually broke off to the right (from the wearer’s perspective) to indicate Folks. Another ubiquitous Folks college is Duke.

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